Wednesday, July 16, 2014

That One Damn Tomato Plant

We have a huge bed of tomato plants this year.  We have a total of 8 plants in the bed and I have one plant in a pot since we ran out of room in the bed.  There is one tomato plant that hasn't done a thing.  We were talking about ripping it out so, the other tomatoes can grow and get more light.  Well, today when I was picking tomatoes, what do I see?  That one tomato plant that was about to get ripped out of the ground is loaded with tomatoes.  I couldn't believe it.  It is a late bloomer.  It is also a heirloom tomato that I picked up at the local home improvement store.  No idea what the name of it is but, it is doing it's thing.  It also likes it hot.  We have had some serious heat indexes lately of 104 and more.  Just plain freaking hot! 

It is also fig picking time here.  Since I was picking tomatoes this morning, I decided to check out the fig tree, it is loaded with unripe fruit.  I have noticed the birds have snagged a few of the ripe ones but, I don't care this year since there is so much fruit on that tree.  Other years, the birds eating some has really ticked me off.  Not this year.  My next door neighbor has mentioned that she loves eating raw figs.  Well, neighbor, you are going to get some figs. 

I also started working on the shawl again.  I am changing to longer cords on a new set of needles.  I hit the Knit Picks sale and bought needles.  I decided to go ahead and get the really long cords since I am addicted to lace knitting.  Now I know why my MIL is crazy for lace knitting.  I hope to get this shawl finished in the next two weeks.  It is time for it to be finished. 

Have I finished charity hat #3?  No.  I haven't.  I haven't been knitting.  Instead, I have been spinning and checking out the beautiful fibers I have laying around.  I pulled out some Mountain Meadows Camino Range Roving Domestic Wool and started to draft it.  I am actually spinning it on a spindle instead of the wheel.  Why you ask, the wheel is loaded with another fiber.  The fiber on the wheel right now is Ashland Bay Mixed BFL 75/25 Roving.  Which means that 75% is ecru colored and 25% is natural black fiber.  It is cool looking and spins like butter.  I have plans for it.  So, that is staying on the wheel.  I am finding I need more spindles and more bobbins for the wheel.  I have the spindles, I just need to find them.  I lose everything or put it up so, I won't lose it and I end up losing it in the end. 

Anyway, the Mountain Meadows fiber is so springy and when I spin it, it is making some gorgeous yarn.  I can't wait to knit something amazing out of it.  I don't think I will ply it, either.  I am going to keep it as a single. Not sure if I will even dye it.  I love the natural color the way it is.  I might change my mind at a later date. 

So far it is spinning up as fingering weight.  I find I can spin a lace or a fingering weight easier than I can a worsted or a bulky weight.  Go figure.  No idea how this came about. 

I have a pair of socks I need to knit for a niece.  She asked me for a new pair.  I am going to be crazy by the time Christmas rolls around.  I thought about making all of my presents but, I am not sure about that one this year.  For some reason, I just can't get it together.
The fig tree.

The tomato plants, they stand about 7 to 8 ft tall. 

The shawl being moved onto 40 inch cords.

The bfl 75/25 fiber

The Mountain Meadow on the spindle

The springy goodness of the Mountain Meadow fiber

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