Monday, July 7, 2014

My Coupon is About to Expire

I belong to a 12 month fiber club, it was my present to myself for Christmas.  Well, any way, I shop at this one site and they sent me a reminder that my 45 points were about to expire.  Okay, I guess I will go see what I can find.  I found several fibers.  So, I put them in my cart, they gave me my spinning club discount but, they won't let me cash in my points.  I tried everything I could to use my 45 points.  I would have to put in a new order but, since I am in the fiber club, I wouldn't be able to use my points.  Pardon the fucked up is that? 

My points will be expiring because I do not need any form of yarn.  I am up to my ears in yarn.  I am trying to use up my stash and not buy more yarn.  I am even using my stash yarn for charity knitting.  I am on hat number 3. 

The online store pissed me off so much that I went to another online store to get the spinning wheel part I needed.  I am not a happy camper over this.  Why won't they let me cash in my points and take my fiber club discount off of there?  Is that too complicated?  I don't need that 10% off.  I just want to use my points. 

I am still working on the shawl but, I am putting it aside right now to work on the charity hats.  I think this year, I am going to do just hats.  It may change and I might do some neck warmers.  The kids seem to like those.  Not sure about mittens or mitts right now. 

I need to get back to painting lace weight yarns.  I have had several requests but, lately I have been too lazy to deal with the heat and the dyes.  It is freaking hot outside, too and it just ruins the whole day. 

We have been picking tomatoes and fighting off the varmint who keeps eating our tomatoes.  We think it is a squirrel.  He loves to get underneath the bird and wild life netting and take out the black truffle tomatoes.  I don't blame him since they are so incredible but, come on, only eating half and then leaving it.  That ticks me off. 

It is also fig picking time.  So, I will be starting that this week.  Oh the joy of it.  I have a neighbor who loves them so, she is going to be getting some.  We gave her fig preserves last year but, she said she would rather have them fresh.  Not a problem.  She can have as many as she wants. 

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