Sunday, December 7, 2014

Napoleon, My Hound Dog

Friday was a really bad day for us.  My hubby took our old hound dog in to the vet, we knew it wasn't going to be a good prognosis, he had some serious health issues and we knew it was time.  Napoleon gave up on Thursday night, he stopped eating, he was having trouble breathing.  I was petting his soft ears and let him know how much I loved him. 

Hubby took him in and the vet said his heart murmur had really gotten worse, 6 being the worst, his was at 5.  His back legs no longer worked, he had some spine issues.  He was 13 years old.  So, Gary called me and said he was having him put down.  It was hard for both of us and it was better for him, no more pain, no more suffering.  He had been through major surgery to have a ruptured lump removed, he then had pancreatitis and we had to nurse him back to health.  He wasn't living a good life, not for a dog.  No more of his favorite foods, no more kibble with any form of fat, he had to live on diet dog food. 

Napoleon relaxing with his best friend, Bootsy.
He lived for Taco Bell.  Do not ask me why this dog loved it but, he did.  He would drool when we had it.  He would sit there and try to dog-natize us.  Those big brown eyes just staring at us. 

I miss his singing.  He sang to me every night.  I miss that and so does Ody, our corgi.  He and Napoleon were buddies since Boots is old and grouchy.  They spent a lot of time together in the back yard. 

I look in his home each morning expecting to see him snoring away.  Sigh! 

I love you my old faithful hound dog.  You will be missed. 

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