Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Time to Knit

I have been suffering from the stupid tennis elbow.  It still freaking hurts.  Grr!  I am about to start knitting slowly to get myself back into shape.  I have a pair of socks I want to knit.  The yarn is in the bathroom and it is my yarn.  Yeah, I should be knitting my niece a pair of socks but, I deserve a new pair since I am the knitter. 

I wrapped Christmas presents last night.  I was going to give the hubby a new suitcase but, I decided to keep it.  He has plenty of luggage.  My luggage bit it on our last cruise.  That was a while back. 

The only problem...it is solid black.  Time to add something pretty to it so, I will know it is mine.  I wonder what I can paint on it to make it look like me?  I have to think about it for a while. 

I put the mini tree up yesterday.  My Christmas tree is small since I just didn't feel like messing with a big one.  The arm, and just hating having to deal with the whole moving of furniture to get it in front of the window.  Sucks!  The little one was harder to decorate than the big one.  On a big one, I can put the ornaments where ever and it works...the little one, I had to look and move ornaments so, like colors wouldn't be next to each other.  It turned out really well. 

We are in the funky season zone over here, one day hot, the next cold.  It sucks!  We aren't turning on the heat unless it gets super cold.  So, we have a nice quilt on the bed.  Thankfully we have cats who love to sleep on the bed with us.  Nothing like a warm cat pressed up against me in the cold.  I am not telling the cat that I love her being pressed up against me because a hot cat in the summer is another story.  Ugh! 

I am sick of cold feet.  I sleep in wool socks in the winter.  I need a new pair, too.  Time to knit some for me.  I want to knit one of my patterns that I have written recently.  I deserve something beautiful.  I also think I want to enter my socks into a contest.  I have been saying this for years but, I think this year, I am going to do it.  Let's see what I can win.  :) 

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful rest of the week.  If I don't post before Christmas again...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

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