Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sock Knitting Due to Freaking Cold Feet

I have been trying to sit down and work on my newest sock, I am knitting a pair for myself.  Right now, I am wearing two mismatched wool socks.  I have no idea where their mates are so, I am desperate to keep my feet warm.  Hence the mismatched socks.  I decided to start knitting when this problem came to light. 

So, I started on the Meagan sock with beads.  I thought my yarn was slightly off and then realization hit, it wasn't my favorite merino/silk sock yarn...nope, it is some other blend and for the life of me, I can't even begin to guess what it is, I dyed it up in a beautiful periwinkle color and no idea what is in it.  There might be some angora in it.  I am not sure.  Don't you hate when you dye a yarn up and can't remember what the fiber content is?  Am I the only one this happens to? 

I have been dealing with antibiotics.  I was at the ER last week  Monday with my current woe.  My doctor was booked solid and I was in agony.  So, I told the hubby we were going to deal with it.  I couldn't take it any longer. 

I sleep most of the day away on this particular antibiotic and the current ailment was kicking my ass.  I have never seen the like before.  I will say that I do not want this back...ever!  It literally sucked the life out of me for a while.  I am getting better and I am trying to work around it.  I do two house cleaning items a day and that is it for me right now.  Nothing more.  Sad but, true. 

I haven't given up on knitting, yet.  I am still an avid participant with it.  I am not buying any yarn this year, I am using stash yarn.  What I have is it.  I have way too much yarn as it is and I have plans for it.  I think I am going to start knitting mittens with some of it for the unfortunate children that I collect items for and send them along for this year's campaign.  I also have plans for hats and neck warmers.  I am not a fan of the scarf, too much material and way overrated.  I might even delve into gloves. I just know that there are a lot of needy kids with nothing.  Maybe this will help those kids. 

I wish I could sit down and spin because I have a lot of fiber that needs to become yarn.  No idea when the arm will heal for me to sit and do that.  It was getting better and then I over did it, again.  Grr!  Isn't that the way it goes?  I thought it was healing and took off the ugly brace...bad idea. 

Hopefully, I will have enough cuff of the sock done soon, and I will take pictures for everyone to see. 

Have a wonderful week and happy knitting! 

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