Monday, October 15, 2012


This morning, I was up early, I was hungry and knew that sleep wasn't in the cards so, I went downstairs, took my blood sugar, and made myself breakfast.  I then decided to go ahead and get my laundry for the day started.  I am finished with laundry already, pretty good since it is only 10:17 am.  I emptyed a can of cola into the wash since it is supposed to get grease stains out of clothes and if you have a hubby like me who manages to get grease stains like crazy, then this is worth trying out.  I guess when it comes out of the dryer we will see how well this worked. 

I even managed to make a necklace this morning with a cross that I have had for a while.  I have two more to make necklaces is green and the other is white.  I guess after I dig through my bead boxes, I will figure out something striking.  I have enough beads to do this. 

I am still working on the shawl.  I am ready for it to be off of the needles.  Yep, bored with it.  I still love the yarn.  It is so pretty.  Pictures will follow when I block it.  I have half of the last chart to do. 

Yesterday I worked on it some but, not much.  I was being lazy.  Gary made us chili last night and I made the cornbread.  It was good.  Even the dogs had chili and cornbread.  They enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Tomorrow I am headed to the fabric store to buy curtain material for my back door.  It is time for that spot to get a set of curtains.  I noticed the decorator fabric is 50% off.  Hey, the best time to take care of it. 

This morning Gary managed to get two baby bull frogs out of the pool.  He relocated them to the creek.  I have no idea why the things think the my pool is their home pond.  Nope, not staying or welcome in my pool.  I have no idea how they can stand the chlorine in that pool.  I even shocked that pool last night since it poured here yesterday.  Yay! 

I am so ready for Halloween over here.  We went and bought our pumpkin on Saturday.  I bought two of the things.  One for carving and the other for planting.  I have the big one...the carving one and then the small one is for the planting...I saw this idea on FB and knew I had to try it out.  Take a small pumpkin, cut the top off, add potting soil, stick it in the sun and water.  If nothing else, I will have a pumpkin patch in the backyard next year.  If I can grow my own, hey, even better.  :) 

My garden is fallow right now.  I am letting it rest before planting it in late winter.  I have plans to put in more radish, kale, spinach and broccoli.  We enjoyed the broccolini this past Spring, it was so tasty and amazing.  I have to find my lettuce seeds because I will be planting those as well.  I love fresh lettuce out of my garden, it is sweeter than the store bought stuff. 

Wednesday is labs for me.  I get to find out how well I am doing and if my A1C is back to normal.  I hope so.  I am trying to be good and do what I am supposed to do for my diabetes.  I am so ready to be normal.  I know I will never go back to my old ways, it isn't worth it.  I will stay on my current diet.  Since that tendency to go back to diabetes will be with me, I have to be good and stay on my diet.  I don't want to go back to sugar, it is hell to get off of it.  No way.  I can't put myself through the shaking and hunger ever again. 

On Friday, I ran into a man at the grocery store who was having issues with his new lifestyle change, he was just diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic and was trying to decide which ice cream to buy.  Yes, there is ice cream for those of us who are sugar challenged.  I love the Blue Bell No Sugar Added, the Dutch Chocolate is the best freaking stuff under the sun.  He was eyeing the sugar stuff which they have many yummy varieties, I know, I used to love eating them.  He asked me when I had looked at all of the other sugar free ones, I picked up the Dutch Chocolate and he wanted to know if it tasted good.  I said yes, it was my fave.  He told me he had to get off of sugar and he was dying for it.  I told him that it took me two weeks and it was pure hell.  He was starving because his doctor told him what he could and couldn't eat.  I said go see a dietitian, it will help out so much and get on a low carb diet if he could, it helps out so much when you can eat low carb, I have lost 30 pounds so far.  I need to get down more but, I have plateaued right now and I have plans to get my body back into weight loss mode.  I started this morning with my 2 week detox.  I had my hot lemon water to help me out.  I had that instead of coffee this morning.  It really perked me up and I was ready to clean my home.  I know, it sounds truly awful but, it helps me feel good.  It also helps out that the meyer lemon tree is ripening early.  I had a fresh lemon plucked from the tree.  :)  I need to go pick some more today for my water for the rest of the week. 

I didn't think I would like kale before I had it but, I am now a fan.  I love the stuff.  I made a lovely chicken soup with it in it earlier in the year and oh, it is amazing stuff.  I might have to make that same soup again soon.  I will have to hit the grocery store to pick up some mushrooms.  I didn't buy any this time around.  I will put it on my list for Friday. 

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