Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frozen Toes and Feet

Yesterday I broke down and started knitting socks.  My feet were cold so, I knew it was that time of the year again.  As to the shawl, do not even ask me what went wrong, just know it went badly wrong.  No idea when it happened but, I am not happy with it.  Grrr!  So, I threw it across the room.  All that work and it has severe issues. 
  I had to go get blood drawn two weeks ago for my 6 month labs.  Well, the tech they had do the job, hit a nerve and I fainted.  I have never fainted in my life.  This was a first for me.  I am generally pretty sturdy.  Not that day.  I told her that I wasn't feeling good and would she please get me some cold water.  I was dizzy and nauseous and sweating like crazy.  She gave me half a cup of water and I closed my eyes for a bit, that is all that I remember.  I came to with my doctor squeezing my neck and calling my name.  I couldn't see a thing.  It took me several tries to get my vision back, it wasn't pretty and at that point, I was in a severe cold sweat.  My doctor managed to get me to my feet and walked me to a room to lie down.  They called Gary to come and get me.  I lay in the room and what was supposed to take 5 minutes took 2 hours.  It was completely awful and to make matters worse, she tried three different spots and could not get a drop of blood.  The first thing I told her...you have to use a butterfly because my vein is shallow, she told me it would take too long.  She tried the left side, and wiggled the big ass needle in my vein, it hurt badly, then when she couldn't get blood out of that vein, she went to the right arm and did the same damn thing.  That vein refused to give blood so, she tried the top of my left hand and wiggled a butterfly in the vein on that hand.  It was completely awful.  Then I told her I wasn't feeling well and the fainting happened. 
  So, I get home with Gary and I get a prescription for anti-nausea meds filled.  My left arm is killing me.  I was hoping and praying it wasn't nerve damage.  I don't need that or want that. 
  I get back to my doctor and he prescribes some antibiotics because he thinks I managed to get an infection in the arm.  So, I am on 10 days of antibiotics.  He wanted to do a doppler on the arm to see how the blood flow was...that started a whole new problem.  I was supposed to go on a Friday but, I cancelled since I was out with my sister.  Then I had the hospital move it to Monday.  Well, they called me to let me know on Sunday how much my portion I would have to pay for the test...are you ready for what they told me? 
  My portion of the test would be $674!  Excuse me?  I said that is just stupid and I am not paying that for a damn test, cancel it.  We can do a payment plan is what I was told next.  No, I refuse to drop that kind of cash on something that wasn't even my damn fault.  If the doctor wants it done, then the lab needs to cough up some cash because it wasn't even my fault that this chick decided to torture me.  It was her damn fault. 
  So, I am not doing the test and the arm is doing so much better.  No pain in it right now.  It was so sore that I couldn't even knit.  It was awful!  I knit every single day.  I couldn't even hold a knitting needle.  That wasn't pretty. 
  I had to switch to crochet.  I crochet right handed, not left.  I am left hand dominant and that sucked.  I don't want to feel that again.  No thank you. 
  Last week, while I was getting my script of antibiotics, his nurse drew blood while I was laying down.  So, I am going tomorrow to see where my numbers are and if my A1C has returned to normal.  I hope so.  I want to be normal again.  I hope my cholesterol is normal as well.  I am still taking my lemon based fish oil.  Those suckers are expensive but, so worth it.  I do not belch nasty fish, I belch lemon.  My sister takes the same ones.  My goal is to become pill free.  Yeah, I can dream. 
  Since the weather has turned cold, it is candle making time over here.  I was looking for my wicks for my jars.  Can't find the damn things so, I had to order in more wicks.  It never fails.  I looked and UPS says they are supposed to be delivered today.  I have pint jars waiting for me for those candles. 
  I have plans to make candles as soon as possible.  I did a batch of watermelon tea lights.  They turned out really well and they smell like a Jolly Rancher.  Yummy!  I did a test burn of them yesterday and it lasted for a long time. 
  I bought a pink sweater and it came in...I tried it on in front of Gary and he tells me it looks nice.  He needs to learn some more adjectives other than nice.  It has a seriously low neckline.  I didn't realize that it was so low cut.  He tells me that I can't wear it to the grocery store.  What?  Apparently, it will attract the wrong sort of attention.  Okay honey...calm down.  It is pretty though.  I am still debating what to pair it with.  I could wear my long black skirt with it or I could wear some nice pants with it.  I have to dig through my closet to see what I have.  I am down one clothing size and my goal is to be able to fit into my Rocky Mountain Jeans.  Yep, I have several pairs.  I want to be able to wear them again.  I love the red ones, they are just so pretty.  I also have a smoking hot black fringe shirt that looks great with them.  I still have my ropers so, I am ready to go when I get down to that size. 
  We aren't staying home for trick or treaters tomorrow, we are headed to my sister's house for that fun.  I am going in a medieval maiden costume while Gary will be a Centurion.  I have a wig, he has a Thor wig and I so want him to wear it.  You know the sexy guy with the incredibly gorgeous chest?  I keep telling my sister she needs to watch that movie....she will enjoy it.  She won't listen to me.  Her loss. 
  On November 7th, I am going to a ladies night down at the Langham Creek Hardware store with my best friend, Michelle.  It should be fun.  I have been sent invitations every year but, never had time to go, I am making time this year to go.  I asked her if she wanted to head out with me and she agreed.  This will be the first time in a long time that we have been out on the town together without a man in tow.  Usually she has her boyfriend and I have Gary.  I think the last time we were out was before I was married.  So, this is going to be fun with just us two. 
  I am so hungry right now and I am waiting for Gary to get off of a call so, we can go get something to eat.  Hungry!  I need to test blood sugar to see where I am at. 

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