Monday, November 5, 2012

Great News!

I went in for my blood work results and found out that my A1c is normal!  Yippee!  My doctor took me off of my diabetic meds and said we will try 3 months off to see if I can stay off of them and keep to my diet. If I lose more weight then he said no more pills.  I am normal!  I did it. 
I am walking 1 mile a day.  I take to the sidewalk and walk from one bridge to another and home.  It is one mile even.  I can add more to it when I get stronger.  Last night we went and took an old loaf of bread to feed to the turtles in the creek.  Oh my word, there are two huge soft shell turtles in the creek.  They are massive and aggressive.  There are also some huge pond sliders.  One or two snapping turtles, they are smaller.  We also have a healthy fish population in the creek.  We have to to have those huge soft shells in there.  I have seen a bass in the creek, he is pretty good sized, there are some gar as well. 
Today is clothes washing day, and I am doing well on more load to do and that is it for the day.  Yay! 
I finished one sock and I have ribbing going on the second one.  I am trying to conquer my second sock syndrome...or SSS.  The first one is pretty but, it isn't my color.  I guess it will be a pair of funky colored socks in my drawer.  I have plans for more socks after the first pair.  I have been digging in my pattern books to see what socks to knit next.  :)  I have several options. 

Today's forecast is rain.  I am happy about having rain.  I won't complain after last summer's drought and this summer's partial drought.  It hasn't been good.

We have lemons galore on the tree again this year.  No idea what we are going to do with them all.  I am thinking they are going to make some seriously great Christmas presents for people.  Along with jars of homemade fig preserves.  My tree is still producing figs.  Who knew it would keep going like this and into the fall?  Mom's tree never did that.  So, I guess I will have to find something else to do with all of those figs. 

Last night was swimming pool maintenance.  We have a small air leak and trying to find it has been next to impossible.  I think one of the Jandy valves is the problem.  At this point in time, I am replacing seals and o-rings like crazy.  If nothing else, we will have all new plumbing on the pool above ground.  Gary has replaced several pipes and it might mean more replacing but, we will deal with it if we have to.  I have to see how much a new jandy valve will cost and go from there.  It is always something with that pool. 

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