Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Crud

There is a seriously vicious virus going around and fortunately I didn't get the really bad version of it.  Mine was bad enough for me but, family members have it worse than I did.  I guess all that exercise has paid off.  :)

Today I was well enough to add more yarn into the shop.  Not that anything is selling.  The economy is in the toilet once again and it is killing off small business owners, of which I am one.  So, I am trying to get new yarns into the shop and there are yarns on sale, at really great prices.  I can't afford to lower them anymore than I already have. 

I have been knitting on a birthday sock for my niece.  I am on the toe of the second sock for her.  So ready to do something else.  Yep, I have the it needs to be off the needles already syndrome.  Or I am sick to death of it. 

I have other projects in mind for the next month or so.  I have conquered the must start a new project every week and have multiple items that need my attention.  Something has changed in me.  I don't want to have extra crap needing my attention.  No more. 

One friend wants me to join another item on line but, I don't have time. I wish I had the time to sit down and deal with it.  Notice I am posting on the next to last day of this month.  It has been seriously a weird and incredibly fast month for me.  I did order sheets for our bed and I thought it said flannel...are you ready for what I received?  I ordered in fleece sheets.  Yep, navy blue ones. 

We will have to save them for a REALLY COLD night.  I have no idea what I was thinking at the time.  Maybe it was because I was tired.  No idea.  I think it was because they were cheap! 

We have to pitch our family room furniture.  I think Gary got his money's worth out of it.  The springs on the couch are shot as is the fabric.  It has holes.  The love seat is cat peed on so, it has not been used for a while.  We are so poor that we have to use the living room furniture as our family room furniture.  I guess that is why we have it.  The living room furniture used to belong to my mom.  It is in great shape for it's age.  My sister and I figured out that it is about 22 years old and it wasn't cheap when it was bought.  So, we know it should last another good 10 years or so, until we can afford to buy new furniture.  Since everything nice is out of this world in price, it has to wait.  That is just how it is. 

I have to get busy and clean off the cat pee love seat and get it ready for the curb tonight.  The trash people can have it with my blessings. 

We still haven't turned on our heater.  It has been nice in this house with it off.  Those thermal backed curtains have really worked out well.  They are saving us money.  So, yes, they have paid for themselves again.  I guess we are seeing how long we can go without turning it on.  It saves us money by being off. 

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