Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Today I woke up freezing.  It was freaking cold in this house.  We have not turned on the heater yet but, this morning warrranted it.  I woke up to a 64F house.  Cold but, not too chilly then my hands started to cramp and hurt.  Not a good sign, I was thinking the arthritis in the left hand would kick into over drive.  I gained this arthritis in high school when I injured my left hand playing my trombone.  Ouch.  It acts up during cold weather and when a bad storm is coming.  I knew I had to turn the heater on.  I came downstairs to let my dogs outside and then went upstairs to put some laundry in the machine.  I was out yesterday running around with my sister so, I have to do my Monday chores on Tuesday.  I looked and the temp was down to 63F.  So, I turned on the heater. 

I came back downstairs, checked to see if my coffee was brewed, yep it was, grabbed a Glucerna shake out of the fridge and had my breakfast.  By this time, I was ready to bundle myself up to go see what the temp was outside...34F.  Cold by South East Texas terms.  Being a Native Houstonian and Texan I knew it was bitter cold for me.  So, I grabbed my sweatshirt hooded jacket, put on my hand knit wool neck warmer, I am a knitter, you can bet I am going to have hand knit wool anything, and geared up for a walk.  I have to walk as my exercise.  I can't ride a bicycle with long pants on it, isn't going to happen with me getting my pants stuck in the chain.  Try to deal with that when the hubby is away from the house for work.  He is in Houston at a conference and comes home each night.  Usually he works from home by telecommuting.  I put on my mittens, they are a mismatched pair right now since it seems I managed to lose one of each.  One half of the pair is a flip top mitten and the other is a plain wool mitten.  The flip top comes in handy to change the selection on my Ipod.  The other, for warmth. 
I let the dogs back into the house, with a chicken twisty raw hide each and headed out the door for my mile walk.  I was all nice and warm.  I realized half way back from the second leg of my walk how wonderful it felt to be outside watching the birds fish, seeing my favorite chicken hawk all fluffed up on the light post hunting in the cold.  It is a beautiful bird that we look for every day.  It is still around and we think it has a partner and a nest around as well.  We are happy to see that bird.  Usually the bird is on the light pole next to the bridge I walk to.  It was across the street at another pole this morning. 

I left Ody home since I just didn't feel like dealing with all of his stops and I didn't feel like picking up dog poo in the plastic bag and then having to haul it with me the whole way to the bridge and back.  We have no trash cans along the route.  They should install some for the residents to have and this way, we can pitch the poo.  If they install a recycle bin as well then we can throw away our plastic bottles, etc.  It would be a nice addition. 

My back started to hurt half way to the bridge and then on the way back, it was really starting to kick into I don't want to move any further, I ignored the pain and continued back to my bridge.  My walk starts out at home, across the one bridge and then to the other bridge.  I then take a small rest break, stretch my muscles and then continue back to my bridge, check out the turtles and then head home.  It works out for me.  As I was watching the egrets and herons fish today I realized how much stress had been lifted from my body and my mind.  I hadn't been walking since last week.  I have been so stressed out that I feel like a damn teenager, my face is breaking out seriously bad.  That walk did me wonders.  I came home, all sweaty and stripped off of my extra layers, ran upstairs to deal with the rest of laundry, sat down to read a book on my touch pad.  Then I fixed myself some lunch and had a coconut water to replenish.  For lunch, I decided to add another cup of coffee to my meal.  I needed the warmth and the caffeine will help me deal with the rest of my chores for the day. 

Who knows, I might even find the time to crochet on the blanket I am making.  I was working on socks, finished one, and started to work on the blanket.  I need to finish that second sock.  I am doing better than usual since I do have the cuff part done.  Usually, I don't even do that. 

I have to water the lemon tree today before our freeze for tonight.  It is so big that we have to water it before a freeze to keep the sugar up in the tree.  We can't cover it anymore.  No way.  We also have a huge crop of lemons again this year.  I am giving away lemons and I have asked my friends to bring their 5 gallon buckets to come pick.  I am serious.  We have frozen lemon juice in the freezer from last year's crop. 

I also want to take the time to knit a friend's son some socks.  They won't be at her house for Christmas but, it will help her out some.  I have to paint the yarn and get it ready to knit.  I have his shoe size so, it will be a nice present for her. 

I have given up on charity knitting for other people these days.  I have no energy to knit mitts for anyone.  I can't force myself into action.  So, the groups that require these items...sorry. 

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