Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hot Lemon Water on a Cold Day

I have my hot lemon water for this morning.  I am doing a two week liver detox.  It works well.  I have done this before and it does help me feel so much better.  At first, the bitterness was overwhelming.  Not so much anymore.  I am getting used to it.  Another great thing from this, it helps me lose weight.  Love that part, even better than the first. 

Today I will be working on the blanket.  I will be taking pictures and posting later.  Maybe tomorrow if I feel like it.  The blanket is very intense in colors.  Hubby says it is opulent.  Okay hubby.  I worked on it some last night in front of the tv.  I did manage to get two Christmas cards written out.  I know, I am slow going with them this year. 

I have to check to see what the high temp is supposed to be today and then decide if I am going for my walk or not.  Right now, no.  Not feeling all that up to it.  I was digging in my pantry for fig preserves.  We have so many jars since the tree went crazy with fruit this year.  I am sick of seeing the things.  So, I am now giving away fig preserves to all of my friends and family. 

I have to pick some lemons today as well.  I think one of my friends might be headed this way.  She doesn't know it but, she will be leaving with lemons and fig preserves.  She said her hubby loves the fig preserves.  I hope they like lemons since they will have those, too. 

I put the fleece sheets on the bed last night and realized quite quickly hot freaking hot they are.  I had to pull the top sheet off and put on a cotton sheet and then put the fleece top sheet on top of the cotton sheet to use as a blanket.  It worked out nicely.  We were cool and warm at the same time, not sweating buckets.  I am not a fan of sweating and then freezing from it.  Doesn't work for me.  I hate being really hot and I hate being really cold.  I like it temperate.  Yeah, I know what am I doing in Texas?  I wouldn't be any other place in the world.  I love Texas!  We are a friendly bunch of people but, don't cross us because we can get mean, fast! 

I had to battle Scavenger Kitty last night in bed.  She seems to think that the bed with the fleece sheets is her domain and she proceeded to make my life a living hell.  She crawled on me, tried to sleep on me, and kept head butting me most of the night.  That black and white bowtie nearly did me in.  She is a 15 pound cat who is very determined.  Crazy as can be.  If she doesn't want to move, kicking her off of the bed is not an option, she bares down and makes sure that no one is moving her with their feet.  Nope, not going to happen.  She has been known to bite toes.  Last night, she tried to bite my nose, which was it.  I booted her fat ass off of the bed.  She wasn't happy but, who cares. 

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