Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Year Gone...and Quickly!

Am I the only one who thinks 2012 has sped by?  I can't believe we are back to another year gone.  Hopefully, 2013 will be better than 2012.  This year has sucked financially for me.  I can't believe how awful shop sales are.  It has never been this bad and it had me seriously thinking of walking away from doing what I love.  I love my job but, here lately, not so much. 

I am working on crocheting a blanket for my darling hubby.  He has been pretty understanding when I haven't wanted to share my blanket that I made for us.  I grab it and go outside to sit on the bench and soak up the heat from my fire pit.  He finally got me one for Christmas after about 8 years of begging.  I think he finally enjoys it with me.  He is the one who has supplied me with lots of wood to burn and he even cut some of it up for me to start the fire with.  Nice guy.  He also bought me a fabric cutting table.  I have wanted one forever but, I knew with the price tag of the thing, it wasn't going to happen.  Then I was asked that question I positively hate..."what do you want for Christmas?"  and after hemming and hawing about what I wanted, I didn't know, it hit me, a fabric cutting table.  I love using my sister's.  She was given hers by her neighbor but, that doesn't matter, she has one.  So, I am ready for it to be put together and I can use it. So happy! 

We were given a huge recycling can by the trash people and let me tell you, I never knew how much stuff we were pitching into the trash until we started to use the recycling can.  I am not throwing away as much now, I am recycling like crazy and every week that huge sucker is full of recycling.  Pretty good if I do say so myself. 

I have been good, I haven't bought yarn on line in a month.  I had to buy homespun for his blanket but, nothing pricey.  My goal for the new year besides work on my diet some more, to not buy yarn and to use up the yarn stash.  Let's see how well that goes.  Should be fun to watch me try and do this. 

If anyone else wants to use their yarn stash up, you are welcome to knit along with me.  I had wanted to see if I could knit with all the yarn in one bin each month.  That didn't work out so well because I was sucked into crochet.  One of my on line friends is a crocheter and she does the most amazing work.  She made me yearn for my crochet hook.  Here I am now, sleeping in a wrist brace to keep my hands alive at night and I am on my 3rd blanket and yes, there are plans for a 4th blanket.  They seem to be very popular with relatives and friends.  :)  They are warm and snuggly. 

I have sock yarn galore around here and I want to knit more socks for myself.  Notice, I said myself and not others.  Those days are over since people can't seem to say thank you.  Two little words that mean the world to a knitter.  Another two little words we love is:  How much?  Yep, we like to be paid for our work.  Who doesn't? 

Have a safe and Happy New Year! 

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