Monday, November 12, 2012

Sock Knitting Time

I am almost finished with my first pair of socks for the season.  I am happy that they are almost finished!  yay!  I have plans to knit socks for my niece's birthday this year.  She is going to be 10.  I am getting old!  Sigh! 

I am teaching a class on earring making on Thursday night.  Fun!  If it helps people learn that they can make their own earrings and save a bunch of money, then I have done my job.  I don't spend a lot of money on dangly earrings when I make them myself.  So easy to do and it gets to be a custom job for you and only you.  Love that part.  If it makes them money, fine, no problem with that either.  In this horrible economy, it does help to know how to make extra cash if you need it.  It may come down to bartering as well.  Hey, I can survive...I am crafty. 

This morning on my mile walk, it was freaking cold and my poor hands suffered, I am going to wear my hand knit wool mittens tomorrow on that walk.  Last week was bicycle riding this week is walking.  I have to alternate my exercise or get really bored.  I thought about heading to the big pool at the rec center but, that would mean taking the cover off of the pool and putting it back on unless other people are doing lap swimming in the heated pool. 

I like my pool water a little on the chilly side but, my pool water is freaking cold.  Not worth the heart attack to get into that cold water.  That would probably finish me off. 

I was looking at my garden and it is fallow right now.  I am letting it rest for the Spring season, or should I say late Winter season.  I have plans to put in more broccoli this year and  I do believe kale would be nice.  I never thought I would like kale but, I love it.  I made home made chicken egg batter soup today for lunch with kale and spinach as my two greens.  It was really good.  Tonight is chicken parmigiana with a whole grain pasta I found at the grocery store, it has 38 grams of carbs for 3/4 cup.  Works for me.  I haven't had pasta in ages.  So, I thought it would be good tonight. 

Since my return to normal and no longer diabetic, I am trying to be good and keep to my diet.  I found some kefir at the grocery store and bought it in the Strawberry but, didn't check the sugar content...20 grams of sugar, holy smoke!  That is way too much.  So, I went back and bought the plain. I figure if it is too nasty, then I can add fruit to it to make it more palatable. 

Now I need more of the Ideal confectioner's sugar...I nearly fell completely over when I saw that someone had jacked the price up to $20.97 per bag!  I will find a way to make my own powered xylitol before I pay that rip off price.  I used the last of my bag making pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, it can be done with better ingredients that won't kill your blood sugar.  I took the recipe and used spelt flour instead of all purpose, I suggest Bob's Red Mill for your baking needs if you are diabetic.  Love those alternate flours that actually have loads of fiber and are low carb.  I used my Xyla for my sugar substitute, it is American made.  I do not trust Made in China for my food needs.  I am picky that way.  The Xyla does not trigger insulin release.  Love that but, be forewarned, you will need to up your probiotics if you use any form of sugar alcohol, it messes with the beneficial bacteria in your gut.  There is also that bad side effect, diarrhea if you eat too much of the xylitol.  I suggest fiber to help that one out.  It seems to work well.  I gave some of my sugar free pumpkin bars to my best friend when she was here and she loved them.  She said she couldn't even tell that they are sugar free.  It tastes just like sugar and I find it is sweeter than sugar.  I find myself cutting back on the amount of xylitol I use in a recipe.  So, if it says 2 to 3 cups of sugar, I will use 2.5 cups.  That 3 is just too sweet.

I have blood work coming up in January to make sure that I am not falling off of my diet.  I hit a sale on my fish pills.  I have to take the ones that are lemon based because burping nasty fish is just too much for me.  They are at and they are by Nordic Naturals and they are the Ultimate Omega-3.  Not cheap but, well worth every single penny.  I have to take 4 of those things a day to keep my cholesterol happy.  I have started really reading more and more about my health and the things I can do to get me off of prescription medications.  I am happy that swimming helped me rid myself of the super expensive corticosteroid inhaler. Gone.  I still have my rescuse inhaler but, I know I will need that until the day I rid myself of asthma, likely never. 

My next pair of socks will be knit with my favorite yarn, the merino/silk sock.  I love how well this yarn knits up. 

I am having a yarn sale and right now, I am not inclined to put anything new into the shop until the sale yarns sell. 

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