Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I weighed myself yesterday and wouldn't you damn well know it, I gained 11 pounds over the holidays!  So, I am back to my diet.  Sigh!  It seems I get around sugar and all self control goes out the freaking window.  I have also found out that I am a carb junkie.  I love carb laden snacks and since I have diabetes in my family, we are all doomed to it.  I have to stop myself from lusting after carbs. 

I am knitting another sock, this time with a merino/nylon sock yarn I painted, it is called Punctured tire and since this computer will not allow me to upload any pictures to my blog, I can't show you what it is looking like.  It is on my facebook page though. 

I was washing clothes last night and knitting on the sock.  My goal was to get as far as I could and also to get my hubby's jeans washed.  I have been sick dealing with some crap congestion, ear aches, and sore throat, body aches, and tiredness. I am trying to get myself back to health.  I hate being sick. 

I did get on my exercise bicycle and ride 3 miles.  It was so boring.  I like riding my bicycle outside.  I guess my last foray into the cold is the whole problem.  sigh! 

We have torrential rains here but, I am not complaining since we need the rain after that 2011 drought.  That was completely awful.  The grass was dust, and everything was dead.  Just when we thought it would rain, it didn't.  It was miserable and then the wildfires and the resulting air purifier that the hubby bought me since I couldn't breathe.  I sat in front of that thing and it went where I went in this house. 

My hubby asked why I named the yarn, Punctured tire, this is when my car was desperate for tires.  Now, that I have my new tires, I love them.  With my old tires, the F1's that came with my car, it was awful driving in the rain, I would slide and fish tail everywhere I went, now that I have the F1 Assymetrical's...I am in love with my car once again.  These babies have a 45,000 mile warranty on them.  I love that.  Okay there are some things I have noticed, they don't hug the corners turning fast like the F1's did.  They slide a bit on dry pavement so, I have that to contend with.  They are so much cheaper than the others, too.  Whereas I would have dropped $2000 on tires for the F1's.  I only dropped $1300 for the new ones.  Big difference.  I also get 21,000 extra miles out of them. 

My sister was asking me how much I liked them since I think she is going to get herself a pair for her Volvo, Sven.  Yep, she names her cars, too.  We all do.  If you feed it as much gas and money as most people do, it deserves a name. 

My goal for the new year, spend less money.  So far, I am doing pretty good with that.  Yay!  Then it happened, I got a new yarn catalog in the mail.  People, I am trying to be good.  I don't know if anyone else received one, it is called Willow yarns.  I was perusing the catalog, like I need more damn yarn.  Then I saw the blends they have and the prices, I am going  shopping when I decide what yarn I really need.  I have been looking like crazy. 

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