Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rain and Cold..Perfect Knitting Weather!

It is raining and cold here which is perfect to sit down and do some much needed knitting.  I am working on an itty bitty sock.  I am using one of my hand painted yarns, it is a super wash merino/nylon blend and I already made myself a pair of socks out of it.  So, I am using the rest for this little pair of socks.  I like it. 

This is one of my favorite yarns to knit with since it is so nice on the needles, it knits like a dream and the best part, it wears incredibly well.  I have knit with it several times and I really love it.  I have other colors I have painted and really can't wait to tear into it and make something beautiful for my cold feet. 

I have a blanket on my crochet hook right now and I am waiting for yarn to get here so, I can continue onwards with it.  It should be beautiful when I finish with it.  :)  I found a yarn sale and managed to get free shipping which is great, it saved me serious cash. 

My goal for the new year?  I am trying to be good and not shop online as much as last year.  I want to keep my credit card paid off.  I am sick of paying our hard earned money to the credit card companies.  We are still paying on the roof.  It sucks to have to replace all the shingles on the roof courtesy of a hurricane.  Prepare to spend a huge chunk of change on it.  I can't imagine what it would cost now with our current economy.  Probably twice as much as we had to pay after Ike. 

I am also trying to knit with the yarn out of my stash.  I have a huge yarn stash and well, it is time for me to use the yarn in it.  I have many books to look up patterns as well.  I was digging for a lace book and finally found it in the last place I looked for it. 

I wish I could find one of my other books that has the prettiest baby bonnet pattern in it.  I have a baby shower to go to later in the month and I am trying to fnd items to knit for it.  I love that pattern and it has been really well received every time I have gifted it. 

I just wish I knew where I put it.  sigh! 


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