Thursday, April 24, 2014

Charity Knitting Has Started

This morning a realization set in...don't you just hate it when they set in and you completely feel like an utter idiot?  Well, my realization of charity knitting is going to have to be done in between my current projects. 

I am currently doing a test knit of one of my sock patterns.  I have my yarn, my pattern, my knitting work book full of notes, and it is looking pretty cool.  I am using a beautiful blue yarn, it is one of mine, I generally do not use someone else's yarn unless it is one hell of an awesome colorway.  I am picky. 

Anyway, I have enough yarn and dyes around here that I can paint my own skein or hand dye my own skein of yarn, why buy it when I can do it? 

So, I am sitting here working on one of my charity hats, since I have two schools that I will be knitting for this year, I have a change of venue in one of them because they sent out this really nice book and our chapter was not even mentioned.  Excuse me, I spent all that time and effort and you don't even mention us?  Hello!  So, since they are so unappreciative and obviously do not want us to donate to them anymore, I am not going to.  I mentioned it to the ladies and they agreed with me. 

Apparently, they have two ladies who have been knitting for them for well over 10 years and did not think to mention our box of goodies.  So, I am going to move on to another school who hopefully, will be more appreciative of our efforts. 

I have loads of fiber that I need to spin but, apparently, sock knitting is what I really want to do.  Yep, you heard right, sock knitting.  I had taken a break from it for a while and now I am back to it.  I am a sock knitter at heart.  Something about a well knit pair of wool socks to make me so happy.  Yeah, I am the knitter but, that is okay because I love wool socks.  They are soft and keep my cold feet warm in the winter.  Nothing better than moving my toes around the inside of a pair of wool socks. 

For those of you who tell me, "you can't wear wool in Texas!", my reply, excuse me, yes we can wear wool down here because if you have never ever experienced a Gulf Coast winter then you have no idea what kind of fun you are missing.  The humidity plus the cold, killer!  Absolutely awful.  It goes right through a person. 

I am working on these new socks and I have one skein waiting for me to start my own Lipstick socks and another skein drying for a new pair of socks for one of the nieces.  I have loads of nieces.  I also have great nieces and nephews.  They travel in a pack like we did back in the day.  I have noticed though it is mostly nephews and the girls are losing ground in the family.  That younger generation is hell on wheels. 

I am not knitting for the younger generation right now...too many of the little darlings for me to keep up with.  They will get socks when their feet stop growing.  Then I will probably be in my dotage and knitting socks for them, anyway. 

Hopefully, by then my yarn stash will have dwindled into something manageable versus what it is now.  That is why I am trying to charity knit, to get rid of the yarn stash.  I also have mittens in the works some where along the path.  Scarves will be coming along as well.  I have plans for some lace knitting this summer and hopefully, I can whip out some shawls and stoles.  I have several patterns around here that I have been positively aching to do.  Just finding the time and the energy, that is the whole problem. 

For those of you who knit in the round on two circular needles, Addi Turbo now has the love love this needle.  Absolutely the best thing to come along for this sock knitter.  I love the sharp points on these babies.  Makes it so much easier to do a psso, ssk, and k2tog.  They remind me of the addi clicks with the long barrels and points.  I love those babies, too.  As much knitting as I do, I prefer to use my Addi turbo clicks.  I had to order in extra cords, since I am constantly knitting away with the things.  They are well worth every penny I spent on them.  They were a nice birthday gift one year to myself.  :) 

For UFO's...I have one UFO sitting around over here...the hat for charity is a work in progress and then I have the sock.  I am doing really well with that.  Today I have plans to organize my Willow Yarn Wash.  I have a huge stack of those babies that are being used to make a blanket.  My crochet stash.  I do not have the patience to sit and knit a blanket.  Uh, I would lose my freaking mind or what is left of it.  I have yarn for another blanket in Homespun.  It might be a nice present for someone who needs something to snuggle.  It might become a nice present for one of the older nieces.  The oldest niece, is always freezing cold in the winter so, I try to make it a point of making her things to keep her warm.  I know she is going to need another pair of wool socks to make winter bearable.  Just when I get one pair done, another pair is needed. 

Off to knit.  Everyone have a safe and wonderful day.  Happy knitting! 

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