Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Beading

Today I had to hit the bead store to find something to go with a pendant that has been giving me fits.  I didn't have anything in my bead stash to put with this particular pendant since I am not a fan of browns.  I had to break down and get brown.  So, I was able to hit a sale...love those sales, I admit it.  I won't be bead shopping for some time since I am in the need of getting the beads organized by color into their appropriate bins.  I want to see what I have before I go shopping. 

The top photo is the pendant that I have had trouble finding beads for.  You would think with fall around the corner, this would not be impossible but, it is next to near impossible trying to find the right colors to compliment this pendant.  This is what I came up with in the second photo.  The beads that look purple are deceptive because they are coated Czech druks.  The coating is a metallic copper and it doesn't photograph well at all.  It looks completely different with the coating showing through.  I used copper accents where I could.  The wire is copper colored, the toggles are copper, the jump rings are copper colored. 

As to the frogs in the pool...it turns out there was a family of 4 in the pool and Gary took them down to the creek and dumped them in.  So, they should be happy now, in the creek. 

We get to tear down the filter tonight and put in the new grids.  It is time.  The pressure gauge is pretty high on it right now.  So, that is tonight's fun job.  I am also making a frittata for dinner.  We enjoy them and it is a nice change of pace. 

Now, back to vacuuming my home.  I took a break from that just now to finish the Highlights of Autumn necklace. 

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