Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Shawl on the Needles

I cast on for a new shawl two nights ago.  So far, it is pretty simple and straight forward.  The yarn is performing like a dream.  What am I using?  One of my own hand painted sparkly lace yarns in Candy.  I will have to take pictures when I get farther along.  I plan to paint more skeins of this particular color way.  It is really pretty and I have had many compliments on it.  I managed to get one chart done and I moved on to the second chart. 

This morning I went and helped my sister wash her Volvo.  She washes that thing more than any one I have ever met.  Now, I need a nap.  I am wiped out.  I have plans to sit on my butt until it cools off and then I think I will get on my grubby tennis shoes and mow the front yard.  I need to wash down the pool grids.  They have been soaking in their caustic chemical for a while now.  They were really nasty and full of crud.  I hope their long soak time will have helped them.  I hate having to clean the things but, it is easier to clean a cartridge filter than a DE filter.  I do not miss that old monster for anything at all.  I hated it.  Then it was so freaking old that parts to it were completely obselete.  It blew. 

It is still hot down here and I know several people were telling me they had cold weather already up north.  Gee, rub it in, why don't you?  We are still in the 90F range.  Rain is supposed to be coming on Saturday.  Oh yay!  So, the yard has to get mowed before then.  We missed it last weekend since we were in Corpus Christi, Texas on our romantic weekend.  :) 

Yesterday, I was on my way home from my sister's house when I happened to feel eyes on me. I was stopped at a light next to a high school bus filled with boys and they were all staring at my car.  Oh boy.  I get more male attention with that little car.  It needs a bath but, with the rain coming, what is the point?  I am lazy anyway so, it isn't going to happen. 

I have no idea who the dude in the cement truck is but, whenever he sees me, he honks and waves.  So, I have another admirer.  I am not rude, I wave back.  I know the hubby is thinking I am encouraging  I am not high maintenance and I am easy going.  Someone once mentioned that I was driven...who me?  No!  Not at all.  They don't know me at all, if they said that about me. 

On my way home today from my sister's house, I was doing the speed limit, will wonders never cease?  When the cop that patrols the road that I always travel spotted the guy speeding next to me and he whipped his big old SUV around and was coming after the guy.  I wasn't in the mood to go fast.  I had a feeling and I am glad my cop senses were working otherwise, I would have been sitting on a nice fat ticket.  I don't want one of those, I can do without that kind of attention.  The dude next to me freaked out.  He slammed on the brakes.  Stupid, don't you know, you don't do that, take your foot off of the gas and your car won't dip.  If they see that dip, they will know you have been speeding.  I didn't date a cop for 5 years without learning a few things.  One of those things...don't ever date a cop. 

I also took the time today to make some stitch markers.  They are really pretty and I hope the recipient will love them.  I do make stitch markers if asked.  I did two custom sets a while back on a request.  Most of the stitch markers in the shop.  So many people make them and they must buy their beads in bulk because the beads I buy aren't cheap.  I hit as many sales as I can but, still, they aren't cheap. 

I just gave my niece, Maribeth some of my old beads...her bead habit is almost as bad as mine.  My sister was complaining to me about that today.  She has to buy her some more containers for all of the beads.  She told me her daughter is a bead junky now.  Oh well.  At least she doesn't have a yarn hbit to go with that bead habit.  I admit it, my yarn habit is out of control and it is time to go through the stash and start donating to schools for some of it.  I have a box of yarn ready to be mailed out to the DAR school.  It is listed on their website as a needed item.  I need to send them more than what is in the box.  I wonder if they need straight knitting needles?  I can send them a bunch of those things.  I hate those things.  I prefer to use circs when I can. 

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