Monday, September 17, 2012

Rain and Bull Frogs

It has been raining here lately which I won't complain about ever again since our drought situation of last year and a slight one this year.  I love the fact that we have it now.  Then there is my other situation that I can't deal with...a frog in my pool.  This is where the hubby comes in, his job is to get rid of said frog.  This frog can't seem to take a hint and just stay out of my pool, no, he comes back all of the time.  We have pitched him over the fence several times and still he comes back.  He seems to think my pool is his home pond.  Think again dude, this is my pool...not yours.  He even has earned a name and brought a friend with him.  His friend isn't a bull frog, just a normal everyday, slimey fellow.  The bull frog has earned the name Mr. Ploppers since he plops into the pool and out of the pool.  Nasty thing! 

I am not a fan of the things at all.  Ick!  They are champion swimmers, I will say that for him.  He has to become sympatico with the net.  That is how I get him out of the pool.  When he sees the net, he doesn't realize he will be air borne in minutes...oh no, we mustn't let him think he will be leaving on a fast moving rush of air...we must surprise him.  Little does he realize that tonight he will be leaving on a different path...via bucket.  Yep, we have the little trip planned for him tonight. 

I grabbed an old pair of socks that I had been working on last year and put down.  I am now making them into tube socks.  Easy knitting, nothing major required, just knitting.  I am still working on that damn shawl and have plans to finish it this weekend.  I am sick of looking at it.  The yarn is getting worse and worse as I knit with it.  Absolutely detest it at this point in time.  Now, I can see why it was on sale.  I would have put it on sale to get rid of it, too. 

I washed clothes this morning and that is about all I want to do.  I want to go sit and knit along on the sock.  I also have plans for more socks after I finish the tube socks.  I have yarn that I saved specifically for me..I painted it into a luscious color way.  I can't wait to create with it.  Mine, mine, mine.  :-) 

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