Friday, January 10, 2014

Patience and Tedium All Rolled into One

Starting at the top, select your beads that you want to put on your yarn, I chose these because I love the funky shape and the color is going to look fabulous with my yarn.

 Next grab your dental floss, I chose the waxed extra fine since I knew my beads would have small holes. 

Pick out your yarn that you want to use, I am using Drooling Over Yarn hand painted sock yarn.  I forget what color this one is, I have had it for a long time.  I painted it a couple of years ago. 

I already started placing beads onto the yarn.

Take your dental floss, and pull out a length, cut it, then take it and make a u shape around your yarn, pull the yarn down in another u shape going the opposite direction. 

Take the dental floss and lick it to get a nice smooth end for sliding the bead onto the dental floss and then onto the yarn.  Check out the pictures to help you do this. 

When you get the bead onto the yarn, then slide it down.  You may have to keep licking your dental floss and then cutting it and replacing it as you go since it does wear out after a bit.  That is why I bought the huge container of the stuff.  I tried to find a nice beading needle but, what I used as a kid and what they are now are two different things. 

Take your time doing this, since if you try to go fast, these little slippery beads tend to shoot out of the hand. 

I found these beads at my favorite local bead store and there are online places that have them as well. 

Knitting with beads is simple...slide the bead to the stitch you are about to knit and slip the bead as close to the stitch as possible, and when you are moving the working yarn into position, simply slide the bead in and then when you are finished with that stitch pull your working yarn tight to snug up the bead and keep on going. 

It is tedious work to get the beads onto the yarn but, the finished product is amazingly beautiful!  There are some neat shapes and sizes of seed beads out there, it is just up to the knitter as to which ones they choose to go with their yarn.  I love different shapes and colors.  It is your work, you can get as funky and creative as you want. 

On a side note..the Jaegar yarn that I used to knit the mitt, I won't be making a second mitt since the yarn totally looks like crap as a mitt.  I can see it being used for cables on a sweater but, I am not a sweater I said before I hate knitting sleeves.  Even my hubby groaned when he saw the thumb of the mitt.  It is hideous!  HIDEOUS!!! 

I might use it as a potholder or something else.  Just not as a mitt.  It will be repurposed for some other use. 

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