Thursday, January 9, 2014

Knitter's Dilemma

I started knitting a new pair of fingerless mitts yesterday and I am hoping I have enough yarn for the said items.  I finally finished my mitts in my Shetland wool, drowning in brown and sad as it seems there is no more of that yarn.  I started out hating it, I thought it was hideous until I started working with it and then it happened, I fell in love with the colors.  So, I decided to use the last bit of the yarn for something for me.  I knit myself fingerless mitts to keep my poor hands warm.  I have been walking around my home in agony since the cold started, my knuckles have been aching and swelling.  Sigh!  It seems that my  arthritis has decided to spread to my other knuckles.  It sucks but, it has happened.  I think a lot of years knitting and age has done the deed. 
  Anyway, I finished my mitts and started a new pair.  I am in stash busting mode over here, I need to rid myself of some of my yarns...I have plenty so, this isn't a problem.  I am working on doing my charity for the year with my yarns.  I have to say that my last round of charity was greatly appreciated and I have received many letters and pictures from the children who received my items.  Makes a knitter feel absolutely wonderful to know that people actually do appreciate all the good that I am trying to do. 
  It was sweet of them to send out their hand made cards and pictures. 
So, I am working now with Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky yarn to make a pair of fingerless mitts.  The yarn is a joy to work with.  I am using US 7 dpns from Knit Picks in the Caspia color.  My thoughts on this particular dpn, they have incredibly sharp points so, if you want to do lace work, I think they would do well for it.  One of them did break already via the Corgi.  He had his way with it.  So, I threw it out.  We had to have the discussion about how he is not to eat my knitting needles.  Not that he listens all that well. We actually watched a program on honey badgers and came to a realization that honey badgers and Welsh Pembroke Corgis have a lot in common.  They are fearless little doggies.  I can tell you that.  He doesn't eat snakes or insects but, he will eat everything else and then will try to steal the other dogs' food.  He doesn't care if they are upset or not, it is in his path and he will have it. 
  Back to the yarn, it only has 69 yards per skein and I am hoping that I can eek out a pair of small fingerless mitts for some child.  I have three skeins of it that I know of right now.  There might be more around here but, I am not brave enough right now to go dig in the rooms of bins to look for it.  I have about 4 roomfuls of yarn.  I am on a destash knitting project this year.  NO buying any more yarn, I have to use what I have. 
  I also have to finish crocheting that blanket for my friend.  I don't even want to work on it.  I have lost my inspiration for it.  I guess I will finish it for her one of these days.  I did manage to finish my other projects that I had been working on.  I am still working on my stole.  It is sitting on my coffee table, I can't decide if I should rip it back and start again or just keep working on it until I finish it.  I will figure it out eventually. 
  Then I have a pair of socks I need to knit for one of my nieces.  She asked me to make her a pair and she has small feet.  Love people with small feet, easy to knit socks for them. 
  Today I am feeling slightly out of sorts.  I don't know if it is the weather, or what.  It has been raining since I woke up this morning. 
  I don't mind the rain because life without it is horrible. 
  Back to my mitts.  Pictures will follow later. 

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