Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some Items Just Aren't Meant to be!

Tonight I decided to install a new game on my computer...oh man, freaking big mistake, it hosed the whole damn computer.  I had to uninstall the game and now the computer is so happy!  I guess some games aren't compatible with Windows 8.1.  Fun! 

I have been working on the afghan for charity.  I also worked on my stole.  It is going to be a stole, it is just too wide to be a scarf.  I managed to get another couple of rows taken care of.  I also decided to work on the afghan.  I want to see the end of the thing. 

I also have an afghan to finish for my friend.  Notice I am not too thrilled about it.  I am afghan'd out.  I said it.  Pretty much that is it.  I want to sit down and work on stuff for me, just me. 

The neighbors are popping fireworks.  I could care less as long as they don't hit my car with them.  I am not into the whole New Year's party thing anymore.  I did my share of partying back in my 20's and I am shocked that I am still alive after some of the things I did back then.  I have calmed down in my 40's, I think. 

Well, not my driving.  That is still as good as it was back then.  :)  I scare the crap out of my sister, she refuses to crawl into my passenger seat.  I love that car of mine, though. I love to drive that car, it is fun. 

Tomorrow is scrapbooking day.  I have so many photos to put into the chapter scrapbook.  I was printing them out today and ran out of ink.  I had to go searching for my ink stash.  I found it after sitting down and thinking...where in the world did I put it? I cleaned my house and that is the worst thing for me, I can't find a thing right now. 

We had a weenie roast tonight with my fire pit.  I love that thing.  It was last year's Christmas present and it has been a wonderful addition to the household.  We use it on cold nights and we have weenie roasts and marshmallow roasts.  My dogs love melted marshmallows.  They are spoiled doggies. 

They are good boys, my doggies.  I would be lost without them. 

I hope everyone has a very Happy and Safe New Year. 

Back to watching The Wizard of Oz. 

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