Thursday, December 26, 2013


Now that I am officially sick for one whole week, I am starting to really despise the crap in my lungs.  I have used up one box of each of my nebulizer solutions.  We can't even get lucky enough for some serious rain to wash down the offending pollen that is causing this whole miserable mess. 

I did decide to start knitting if I can stay awake long enough.  So far, that hasn't happened.  I did find the pattern I want to knit.  It isn't socks.  It isn't anything that I should be working on, it is something for little ole me.  Yep, me. 

I bought the new Jane Austen Knits 2013 and found a shawl I want to knit myself.  It has beads to be added to the pattern.  I went looking on Utube to find out how to attach said beads with a crochet hook and wow, that is simple.  So, I decided to go ahead and try my hand at making myself a nice shawl with beads. 

Then came the hard part, trying to decide what color of bead to use on my project.  So, I went bead shopping, like this is a real hardship to me...heh!  I found two different colors of purple beads that I want to use.  One is a silver lined lilac, so cool looking and the other one is a deep dark amethyst.  Very striking.  Since I couldn't decide which one to use, I plan to use both since the yarn has both colors in it.  Now the fun part, trying to find my steel crochet hooks to use with this pattern.  I have a set, I just need to find the bag that the set is in.  Always a trial over here with something.  I guess I should get myself better organized and it would be better for me. 

Hubby is probably reading this and thinking...oh yes, you need to be organized and start with your office first.  Yeah, I know this...when I can stay awake longer than say an hour, I will think about it. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year. 

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