Monday, December 30, 2013

Beads! Why Did I Wait So Long?

I bought some seed beads and decided to go ahead and take the plunge to start knitting with beads.  I had originally thought that beads and knitting were something far flung and hard to do.  Boy, was I wrong!  Big time.  The hardest part is getting the beads onto the yarn.  Yep, that is it.  I used dental floss to get the beads onto the yarn. 

I thought of knitting socks.  No, that didn't happen. I went with a scarf or stole, I am thinking it might turn into a stole.  I am working on it right now.  It is looking pretty so far.

I am using one of my own hand painted yarns.  This one is called Pomegranate.  It is merino/nylon blend.  The beads are Toho cubes, 4mm trans-lustered rose.  They work really well with the yarn.  At first I didn't think they would look well with this yarn.  I found out that yes, they look fabulous with my yarn. 

So exciting!  I love when it all comes together. 

I love the beads and I found them at Artbeads.  I also look for beads at my local bead store.  She has a pretty good selection.  I want to go peruse her beads as soon as possible, again.  I have one bead here that I need more of with another yarn. 

I can see why so many knitters are into bead knitting, it is very addictive! 

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