Monday, December 2, 2013

Doing A Little Sock Knitting

I am taking a much needed break from crocheting blankets to knit socks.  One of my many nieces needs a pair of wool socks.  She lives in North Texas and has cold feet.  This shouldn't surprise me at all since the rest of us have cold feet, too.  I call us the cold foot brigade. 

So, I used one of my own hand painted yarns in my favorite blend, merino wool and silk.  Love this yarn.  The color is pink frosting.  For some reason it didn't sell in the shop so, I am repurposing it by knitting socks with it. 

I was perusing a lace book and found this pattern, it was being used for a sweater and I am not a sweater knitter at all so, I decided to write a sock pattern for it.  I think it makes a nice looking sock.  I have already knit it once before.  I knit myself another pair of socks.  Face it, you can never have too many pairs of hand knit wool socks. 
With this last cold spell I managed to wear every single pair I own during the week.  I was washing socks left and right.  So, I am happy with the amount I have right now. 

I also have been asked to knit a pair for one of my nieces by marriage.  She tells me she has really cold feet year round.  So, I will be knitting a pair for her after these are finished for Sabrina. 

What I love the best about both pairs of socks...both ladies have small feet.  Sabrina's socks are size 6.5.  Anita's socks are going to be size 6.  I love knitting for little feet. 

My hound dog is barking and trying to tell me it is past his bed time and I need to come upstairs and lock him in his kennel.  I am surprised the cat hasn't come to whine to me that it is her bedtime and I need to get to bed so, she can sleep on the bed comfortably.  She also demands that I pet her before I go to sleep.  It is her ritual.  We can't mess that up, heaven forbid if we do. 

I have a merino/nylon blend that I had hand painted and I was going to put in the shop but, decided to not do it.  That yarn will be used for Anita's socks.  I think one of my other nieces wants socks for her kids.  I guess I am going to be busy knitting socks for a while.  I have to stop at some point to finish crocheting my charity blanket.  I need it for February.  I guess it is a good thing that I have so much sock yarn, it looks like I will be using it up this year. 

It works out for me since I am flush with yarn.  I did send off my charity items and it cost me $46 in shipping to get 16 pounds of items to the kids.  The ladies in the chapter are so amazing.  The ones who can't knit, they bought mittens and hats for my charity project.  Even one of my niece's teachers donated items.  She plans to give me more items, soon.  I donated to her cause a skein of hand painted sock yarn, a bracelet and some custom made stitch markers for her.  All of the items were made by me.  If you help me out, I am very generous with my thank you presents. 

I had ordered my niece, Maribeth her usual round of winter clothes for her birthday and some of them came in today.  It seems that when I checked big kid, the company I bought the clothes from ignored this and gave me the little kids version.  Thankfully, the clothes were made in San Salvador so, they were big for their sizes, if they were made in China or Taiwan, they would have been cut smaller.  So, I had Maribeth come over to try it all on.  She took everything except for 3 items.  Since those three items are cheaper than the shipping, I am keeping them.  I asked around to my nieces if any of their daughters wore a size 7/8 and sure enough, I found one.  So, I have 3 items going to one of my great nieces.  She said her daughter needs clothes so, this works out for all of us. 

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