Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Soy Wax Arrived! Yay!

Yesterday, I broke out my candle making gear.  My sister, Melinda wanted a candle that smelled like the season and I told her spending $4 on a candle from the grocery store that really didn't smell like much was a waste.  I told her I would make her one.  I did.  It is a soy wax candle and it smells divine.  My scent that I used, apple jack and peel.  It smells like a cinnamon apple pie.  Heavenly.  I also heavily scent my candles. 

I realized after making her candles that I was almost out of wax so, I placed an order.  It arrived today and I had ordered in clamshells to make warmer melts.  My new scent that I ordered in is gingerbread.  It smells fantastic! 

So, I used the last of my apple jack and peel and some of the gingerbread to make warmer melts. 

I made three pint jars of candles yesterday and they are already spoken for.  I did have an ETSY shop for my candles but, decided to not sell on there.  Too many people as it is.  It is hard enough to sell my yarns on there. 

My sister, Cheryl suggested I make some candles and melts for our annual Christmas white elephant party for the chapter.  I guess I will think about it.  I have so many choices for that event. 

I can always give another necklace or bracelet to the cause or one of my wax creations.  I just have to think about it. 

It does pay to be crafty.  I have noticed more and more people are making their Christmas presents this year. 

I was asked if I was going to the black Friday sales this year and the answer is, NO!  I don't have it in me to do it. 

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