Wednesday, November 13, 2013

House Cleaning and Organizing!

I was actually terrified to start cleaning my living room and my dining room.  I have scrapbooking stuff all over my mom's table.  She gave me that table when she was moved to the Alzheimer's facility, she did this so, there wouldn't be a fight for it.  The table is an antique and it is solid oak.  It is heavy.  I love that table, I used to crawl under it as a child and played under it.  It holds many happy memories for me.  The table was actually an antique when Daddy bought it for Mom.  The table is 119 years old. 

I cherish that table.  It is a part of my family history.  Many happy memories happened at that table, many sad ones, too.  Any news we had was shared over that table.  I even think all 8 of us kids played under it and around it.  I know I did. 

So, I started the cleaning process yesterday when my large bin showed up in the mail. Gary doesn't get mad at me for buying bins, he would rather have it all in one place than strewn all over the place.  I am trying to organize today and also do several pages for the chapter scrapbook.  We are involved in so many things with the chapter and I am trying to get pictures printed and ready to go for the book.  It is going to be huge.  I am glad I ordered in more pages for it.  That scrapbook is a work of love for me.  I love making our pages so neat and pretty for this chapter.  I hope the ladies enjoy each page and memory.  I try to include everyone in it. 

Today is the Keep Them Warm Campaign page.  I have to also send out a box to another school that sent me a letter begging for warm items for their children.  The kids in these schools are below the poverty line and they get funding from DAR.  I think all children deserve a well rounded education.  If we do not educate our children, then they will not ask questions and will accept what is going on around them.  Always question, always keep learning, it will make a better person in the end.  I read as much as I can to learn new things.  You are never too old to learn something new. 

So, I started picking up the papers and stickers, the glues, etc to clean off this table since it will be put to good use for Christmas this year.  I decided to take family Christmas because we haven't done it in a while.  My house has been a wreck for a couple of years and I am trying to remedy that situation right now.  I am also getting ready to do a run to the local donation place.  I have a bunch of crap that they can have. 

I also want to make soy wax candles this week.  I have had several requests for apple jack scent.  It is a nice warm scent perfect for the holidays. 

The hubby is making sauerkraut and so, we have jars galore for that.  I even dug out one of our antique kraut jars that have been in the family for a very long time.  They are the ones with the separate lids in glass with the rubber ring and the metal wires to hold down the lid.  I told him I would let him use it but, he has to be extra careful with it. 

Even my kitchen table is an antique but, I picked that up at a garage sale for $60.  It works for us.  I know it is quality since it too is oak.  I seem to have an oak theme going on around here.  It is a nice wood. 

I will have to look on the craft tower to find my scent oils and was dyes for the candles.  I have some watermelon candles left over in the pantry.  I will see if anyone wants one of those.  I was thinking of making melts but, I don't have any clamshells for that animal and I really don't want to have to order in any right now.  I have way too much going on as it is. 

Now off to clean once again.  Y'all have a beautiful day! 

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