Friday, March 6, 2015

One Finished and the Second One Almost Done

The Kathleen sock is almost completed.  I so can't wait to finish them.  If you want a copy of the pattern, it is for sale in my Etsy shop.  The pattern is for experienced chart readers and lace knitters.  If you want to bead the sock, then you will need some experience with a steel crochet hook and the pattern requires size 6/0 beads.  I highly recommend Dyna-Mites because you get a lot for your money and they are super cheap on Fire Mountain Gems.

The beads on this sock are cobalt blue with a rainbow finish.  I also knit this sock in Clementine with root beer colored beads with a rainbow finish.  There are some really cool seed beads out there and some of them are expensive!  My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the ones that are gold over glass....$30 for those.  Uh, I can't do that.  My hubby wouldn't understand that one at all. 

I decided to offer the sock pattern up for sale only in my shop.  More patterns will be coming soon.  I have to write down the ones that I have knit recently and only have my charts and notes on them.  One pair I am wearing right now, is the Jolie sock.  I did a test knit of the charts and I need to write it down before I offer it up for sale. 

After I finish this sock, I have plans to knit my niece, Maribeth a pair of socks out of Beauty Queen Gone Bad.  I painted her a special skein of the super wash merino/nylon.  I am hoping she is going to love her socks. 

Next on the list will be a pair of Jolie socks for Ms. Jolie herself.  I custom dyed the yarn pink and I am using a silk eggshell colored seed bead for her socks.  No beads for Maribeth's because I am sick of beads right now.  Too many pairs knit with beads.  7 pairs to be exact.  Oh my word!  No more. 

My sister showed me her socks today that I had knit for her.  I totally forgot that I knit her a pair recently.  That should tell you how many socks I have knit.  I can't keep up anymore. 

I am working on my first quilt, ever.  It is coming out really nice.  I am working on getting the top sewn together.  Then I will put the batting down and next will be dealing with the backing.  My patchwork quilt is in the colors, pink, white, and black.  I found really cute fat quarters on Zulily.  They have fabric and sewing machines on there every now and again.  Janome basic sewing machines in colors for $62.99 was on one of the last sales.  I don't need another sewing machine but, that is such a great price for such a great machine.  It is more of a starter machine.  I love the Janome line up.  I have a DC1050 and I love that machine.  I came from sewing with a Singer and that damn thing clacked no matter how much I oiled it.  It drove me around the bend.  I sold it to my niece for $20.  She was using it to make all sorts of things.  When she gets better, she can buy herself a better machine.  I love the drop in bobbins on the Janome.  If you have ever had to fight with a front loading Singer, then I feel your pain.  I hated that part of the whole operation. 

Pictures will follow of my quilt top when I find the time to take some of it.  I found my camera. 

I need to dye some single colors of yarn for the patterns that will be coming up for the shop.  I am so behind right now.  It is crazy how things are going around here.  I went shopping today with my sister and bought my nephews some Easter candy, one loves chocolate, so, he is so easy to buy for.  His brother loves super sour and super sour is hard to find these days.  I found him some War Heads and some Super Sour bubble gum.  I am hoping that will work out for him.  My niece was so easy, I bought her a cowgirl hat, and I filled it with candy.  She loves her hat and she loved her candy.  The biggest hit is the chicken that clucks and lays jelly beans.  My sister had to buy more jelly beans for the thing.  I saw it and knew she would love the thing.  If you want interesting Easter candy, check out the Cracker Barrel near you.  They have candy from when I was a kid.  Dr. Pepper Hubba Bubba bubblegum.  I haven't seen it in years, they have it.  Or at least the one here in Cypress does. 

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