Thursday, May 9, 2013


Yesterday was my 43rd birthday.  Was it spectacular?  No.  It was nice.  I enjoyed having family sit down and eat a meal with me.  We don't get to do it as often as we used to when my parents were still alive.  So, we try to see each other when we can.  Being the youngest of 8 it is hard to get everyone's schedules right. 

My darling hubby bought me a cake for my birthday, I know you are thinking, type 2 diabetic, not good.  Well, it was my birthday.  I have to choose my battles, and that cake was nice, he is sweet.  It was sweet and the rest is sitting in my fridge for my family members to come by and have at.  They know it is there for them.  I know my niece will love it.  He bought me a small German chocolate cake.  It is fabulous!  I can't have any more of it.  My one piece was well worth it.  I had a nice big glass of milk with it. 

Do I want to eat all of that cake in one sitting?  NO!  I had my one piece, I am over it.  Since I gave up sugar, I am finding that sweet things no longer tempt me.  It took me two weeks of pure hell to get over sugar and I am not going back.  I never want to go through the shakes and constant hunger of ridding myself of that stuff.  No thank you. 

Now, if I can rid myself of the need for carbs, that would be awesome.  I love carbs, they are wonderful to my mindset but, they are completely awful for type 2 diabetics. 

I went in for my 3 month lab results and here is what is going on with me.  LDL is still high, I have to give up the onion rings and other fried items...see A1c is still looking good for someone who has no medicines and is using her diet to control the blood sugar.  I love that.  I still have the high blood pressure, the whole family has it, it comes from my Mom's side of the family.  Mom had it.  He said there was some albumen in my urine which means that I need to work on stress.  I can't deal with stress at all.  I have a blood pressure pill that helps save my kidneys so, I am taking it like I am supposed to.  It also means I need to work out more than I have recently. 

I have been under the weather for a couple of days and dealing with nausea isn't fun in my book.  It takes a lot for me to vomit and when I do, I generally get the dry heaves.  Not a pretty picture.  So, I had to start taking my Benadryl to help cope with the mucus issues. 

My sister said...face it, you aren't a spring chicken anymore.  Oh gee, thank you. 

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