Saturday, May 4, 2013

Left Over Sock Yarn, What Can I Do With It?

I have oodles and oodles of left over sock yarns.  I have knit many socks and then there is that left over bit that has no use, or so I thought.  I have been converting a pattern from worsted weight yarn into sock yarn.  I am using a Lion Brand Pattern for a Mitered Scarf.  I have been knitting squares in my spare time and now I am working on triangles. 

I am using size US 3 needles for this endeavor.  I decided to go ahead and knit this for myself.  I keep looking at my squares thinking...quilt, or blanket.  I know this would take a long time to do but, it would be so cool looking.  I started my triangles today.  I have one knit so far and I have plans to double the amount needed for the pattern.  I am going to knit more squares than the pattern calls for as well since it is really short. 
I guess if I can find the time and have the patience to sit and knit all of the squares and triangles needed for a blanket or quilt, then I would take the plunge and knit it. 
The best part of the whole experiment, is it will be one of a kind, no one else will have the colors I chose.  I am using my own hand painted yarns...why not? 

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