Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kettle Bells

I am trying to get off of the plateau I have been stuck on for the last 6 months with my weight.  It sucks!  I invested in two kettle bells, a 10 pounder and a 20 pounder.  I also bought dvds to help me work out my plateau issues.  Well, I pulled the dvd out and put it in the dvd player and started the work out. 
  The hubby noticed what I was doing and decided to play along with me.  He used the 20 pounder.  So, we are following along with the chick on the screen and I am having fun.  It is pretty easy.  Then we noticed the ones where you have to go from standing to the floor in a graceful movement.  Excuse me, I am not graceful and I am not that coordinated, not to mention I am working with a knee that had the lateral ligament partially torn and it still gives me fits.  So, I had to skip that one.  Then there is another one that uses lunges and this weight...oh boy, have to leave that one off too for now since I know I will just fall over.  Other than that, I am doing pretty well with the things. 

Then I woke up this morning...stiff.  Oh shit!  I am not out of shape by any means whatsoever, I work out regularly.  I can't even begin to imagine what this would have felt like when I first started to work out, I know I wouldn't have been able to get out of bed. 

I love how the system says, you will only need to work out 2 or 3 days a week on this system of toning and fat burning.  If you say so.  I have no idea if it is going to work but, I need some sort of strength training until the pool is warmer.  We keep having these damn cold fronts come in and the pool water gets too cold for me to crawl into it. 

I can't deal with 70F water...too freaking cold!  My legs start cramping.  So, I am forced to stay out of the pool until it hits 75F.  It is so weird how our weather is cold in April.  Usually this time of year, we are warm.  Makes me wonder what May is going to look like. 


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