Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Flip Flop Wreath

My sister found a pattern on FB for the flip flop wreath and sure enough, she managed to get all of the supplies and make herself one.  I saw it and thought, it would be fun and really cute.  Why? 

So, she and I went shopping together yesterday to find cheap flip flops, I found mine at a local dollar store.  Do not go out and spend the earth for this thing, it isn't worth it.  I needed 8 pairs.  I chose to use sizes 7/8.  Smaller sizes will result in a smaller wreath, larger shoes will result in a large one. 

It also requires silk flowers and glue on jewels.  She used a glue gun, invest in the E6000.  It holds everything without all the pain of burning the crap out of yourself. 

I managed to get the thing together after much cursing and pain.  I decided in the end to break out that E6000.  So glad that I did.  I have to glue on jewels today and then I will take pictures of this thing before I stick it on the door. 

It is a really cute idea if you can handle dealing with the cheap flip flops.  Mine are really cheap and crappy but, pretty colors.  After working with these things, I will no longer wear them on my feet.  Talk about ruining feet, those things will do it. 

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