Monday, April 15, 2013

Setting Off Store Warning Bells

It all started yesterday at the local home improvement store, I set off their warning bells.  Lovely.  It was my purse.  So, I didn't think anything of it.  I came home and let it sit.  I went shopping with my sister today and it set off Wally World's warning bells.  I was walking into the store and bong bong bong.  Great.  So, I knew walking out would be the same thing.  My sister hung back since she didn't want to be around me when my purse set it off again.  It did. 

So, I came home and pulled all the crap out of my purse, there was a lot, and found it.  It was a magnetic strip that was never removed by the seller of the purse.  I bought it from a discount site.  I wonder how many other customers have had the same problem as I did? 

I had to go buy my fish pills today since I was out, I had to go to two different stores before I found the things.  So, I know now that when I run out of these things, I will be ordering them to get the huge size I normally buy.  I also picked up some Enzyme CoQ10.  Wow!  Talk about expensive.  I decided to buy the 400 mg size and it wasn't cheap.  Oh well, it does a great job for me and my health is all that matters.  I am trying to take better care of myself now that I am a type 2 diabetic.  I am at the prediabetes stage but, I am still taking better care of me.  My goal is to no longer be a diabetic.  I am finding that the low carb diet is working out quite nicely. 

I am on a plateau right now and I need to do more things to help me lose more weight.  I had a discussion about low carb chips with the guy at the grocery store.  He was very helpful in trying to find me a low carb chip.  I thank him for that. 

I have to order in more of my mangosteen juice as well.  My grocery store used to carry it but, lately they haven't had it.  I want the stuff that doesn't taste like it will peel the paper off of the wall.  I like the one that isn't all that sharp. 

I am expensive these days in trying to keep myself on track.  I think I am worth every penny.  Poor Gary has to deal with me and all of my pills.  He is such a great husband.  He is very understanding and I don't know what I would do without him. 

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