Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rain and Some Sock Knitting

I am currently knitting a pair of socks for my niece, Maribeth.  I had to do something to alleviate the boredom I was facing.  I have been stuck resting my back since I had threw it out.  So, instead of watching tv all day long and doing nothing, I decided to go ahead and knit some socks.  My fingers were so happy to do this again. 

Now for the most interesting part...the second picture shows the new sock and the finished sock.  This is the same ball of  yarn ball.  For the first one, I decided to use the outside of the yarn ball and for the second sock, I used the inside of the yarn ball.  This is one of my hand painted yarns.  So, it is interesting to see how hand painted yarns really do work up.  She will have a unique one of a kind pair of socks.  No one else will ever have this combo ever again. 

It is quite fun to knit with hand painted yarns since no two socks are ever be like any other hand knit socks out there.  Some of the colors are pooling and others are striping.  It is a unique process. 

We finally managed to get some rain last night and it poured, blew, thundered and lightning all night long.  It was lovely to read a book by.  I enjoyed the rain hitting the bedroom windows.  This morning everything is beautiful and scrubbed clean. 

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