Monday, April 8, 2013

My Floribunda is Blooming!

I had to go outside this morning and take some photos after seeing that this beauty was in bloom.  She lives in my rosemary bush.  The rosemary bush is starting to die off near this rose and we will have to be extra careful to remove the rosemary without harming this rose.  I grew this rose from a cutting my sister, Melinda gave me.  I had to wait 2 years before she started blooming. 

I am waiting to see if my bourbon rose, Variegata di Bolognia will bloom.  She has some buds but no blooms so far.  I had to really cut it back this year since I missed cutting it back last year.  The damask rose is no more, it suckered and out of one plant came 10.  It was a mess in the back bed.  Now residing in the spot of the roses are the tomato plants.  My hubby's idea.  He loves fresh tomatoes and I was sick of dealing with long needle like thorns. 

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