Thursday, May 30, 2013

Deco Ribbon Wreaths on the Cheap

Here is my first attempt at a deco ribbon wreath.  I went to my local craft store and purchased the metal wreath frame and since my craft store didn't have the one on the youtube video had, I had to make my own with pipe cleaners, which were 99 cents.  The ribbon is the expensive part, most online places sell it for $12.99 a roll, my local place sells it for $9.99 a roll and you get 10 yards of ribbon on the roll.  It comes in all sorts of colors, too.  I chose my favorite color, purple.  and I wanted it to be bright so, my accent is lime green.  I added the orange flowers that I had leftover from my flip flop wreath.  My cost for the wreath without the flowers since I had those, $30.00.  NOT $100.00 that some people are charging. 

If you can gather ribbon and anchor it with a pipe cleaner, then you can make one of these wreaths.  It is stunningly simple.  If you can twist pipe cleaner, then you can make one of these.  Simple and the best part, put as much poof or as little poof into the ribbon as you want.  No glue or glue gun was used for this project.  Since the frame is metal, I just bent the wire from the flowers around the frame to anchor them.  Easy.  My metal frame is green, I chose purple pipe cleaners and they blend nicely. 

The main goal is to match as much as you can with your pipe cleaners to your ribbon.  I still have some of the lime green ribbon left over.  I might use it for another one. 

Get as creative as you want with the thing, it will be yours. I want to add some yellow to mine so, it will really pop.  It will be great for Halloween, too, I can add in some black and remove the yellow after Summer is over. 

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