Monday, June 3, 2013

I Broke Out the Wheel

Today I decided to clean house and well, I have to admit, it went to the wayside.  I spotted my new fiber and well, it struck me that I needed to spin.  I found a new bobbin, they are hard to come by over here, and started drafting my new merino/bamboo fiber.  It was a birthday present to myself.  I painted it in Acid Rain, one of my new yarn colors.  I started spinning it. 

Then I realized why I haven't used my spinning wheel in a long time.  I had partially torn my lateral ligament about three years ago, and two years ago, I tore it again.  Talk about pain, it was awful.  So, I started spinning and the pain stopped me cold.  I had to get up and walk it off.  I was limping something awful and after climbing the stairs, to find my crutches, I was able to stop the pain.  I think moving it around and making it work helped out. 

I keep eyeing my spinning wheel, you know I will be back over there spinning.  I will have to take breaks and walk to keep the ligament happy.  I love the yarn the merino/bamboo is creating, it spins like butter.  I am trying to figure out what yarn I want to ply it with.  I have going to have to go dig through my stash to see what I have available.  I might ply it with yak down.  I have some of that I have been saving for a special project.  My cat loves that yak down, she tries to break into the fiber container to get at it.  Her yarn obsession is worse than mine and that is saying something.  

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