Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stitch Markers and Glow in the Dark Beads

I make stitch markers for myself and for other knitters.  I found some really cool glow in the dark beads and decided to go ahead and use them.  Can't find your knitting in the dark, get some glow in the dark beads and make yourself a set.  The light charges them nicely and then when you are searching for your project, there it is! 

How to make a set of stitch markers: 


beads, get an assortment
wire, it comes on a spool, I use plastic coated.
crimp beads, I use heavy duty
crimping tool, or a pair of needle nose pliers
cutting pliers or dykes

Cut wire to 3 inches.  Fold it over, do not flatten, it should look like a rain drop on one end, next slide beads over the two ends, they will be together.  When you have your beads on the wires and you are finished adding beads, place crimp bead over end and crimp the bead.  This will keep the beads on for as long as the stitch marker lasts.  One marker finished. 

Continue in this manner until you have as many markers as you want. 

This is my glow in the dark stitch marker.  I made 4 of this type. I used a copper colored wire coated in plastic, Czech druk beads, the glow in the dark bead is also Czech, and heavy silver crimp tubes.  I use the heavy crimp tubes since they hold up better than the cheap ones. 
Where do I shop for my items?  I shop at my local bead store and also on line for the Czech druks.  Fire mountain gems is wonderful for buying Czech druks, they have a huge assortment.  I also use Artbeads, they have druks that I haven't seen any other place.  Generally, I get 6mm beads. 
Local craft stores also sell beads, wire and crimp tubes. 
Happy crafting! 

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