Friday, June 28, 2013

My Blanket

Here is what my blanket looked like a couple of days ago.  I am on another color...the yellow was the last one in this picture, or the beginning of the yellow, now I am on a blue and hopefully, I will be onto another color today. 

I have to tell you about how this thing is hubby decided he wants this blanket to fit our king size bed.  So, I had his permission to go buy more yarn.  Yep, he said he wanted it big so, more yarn was needed.  I haven't used acrylic worsted in ages, I am happy with the Caron Simply Soft, it isn't as nasty as the Red Heart.  The Red Heart is freaking rough.  It makes my fingers peel. 

So, the blanket is coming along nicely and if anyone wants one for themselves, I am not making another one.  This is it for this pattern.  I will gladly hand them a crochet hook and some yarn.  I will teach you to crochet.  It isn't hard and if you can knit or crochet then you are ready to make yourself some cash. 

I figure it can help you out in life.  When you need a blanket, make your own, it will be better quality than what is out there.  Why do you think hand knitters charge so much for hand knit sweaters?  They are sturdy and not likely to come apart when you wear them once! 

More pictures as it gets bigger will follow. 

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