Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fun in the Sun, Sunburn, and a Massive Water Slide

Saturday, we took the plunge and headed out to Sheridan, Texas for a day of fun in the sun.  Armed with spf 100 and facial sunscreen of spf 70, we were ready.  Hats on heads, flip flops on feet, cooler packed with water, fruit and food for the day.  We arrived and immediately put it all in a locker.  We looked around since this was our first trip to the water park.  We headed for the lazy river to cool ourselves off.  It was hot out there and it would get hotter.  The place was packed so, apparently the only affordable water park around Houston is now known.  So, we dealt with the crowd, it wasn't so bad actually for it being so packed.  Everyo
ne pretty much obeyed the rules of it being a family water park and I really didn't hear any bad language for the most part. 
First thing let me just say this, I am afraid of heights, I do not like them.  Hubby convinced me to ride the 6 story high water slide.  I have no idea how he convinced me.  I guess because you can only die once and that pretty much summed it up for me.  We get to the top of the thing and I admit, I had to stop a couple of times to rest, it was a long haul.  I had my water mat and I was ready.  The little kids at the top were fearless, I was curious.  It is covered at the top so, you can't see how bad it really is.  They are nice about that.  My mat got stuck as I was trying to push off and I had to do some maneuvering to finally get it right and then I was off.  My first thought was, this isn't so bad, I was still in the covered section and couldn't see what was ahead of me.  Yeah, this should let you know, how bad it was about to get.  I hit the first bump and I still hadn't picked up speed.  I hit the second bump and caught serious air, I was starting to freak out.  Then I was okay until I landed.  That was an experience in pain.  I smashed everything on the front end, I felt as if I squished all of my fat out of my front end into my back end.  My hubby was looking for me and when I came speeding by him, he realized that I was still with him.  He thought I had chickened out and walked by down the stairs. I don't think so.  I can say to all of my nieces and nephews that I was on that thing and I will never go again.  No thank you. 

After that, I went on several more of the water slides and really enjoyed myself.  I knew we had a sunburn each of us, I just didn't realize how bad.  I had my first sunburn of the season already since I do swim every day.  I managed to get a burn this time around, the hubby has a sunburn and I have been applying the lotion to him and he has been applying it to me.  Our faces were fine since we had spf on them along with hats on our heads.  I was surprised at how inexpensive their snack bar was.  Most places charge an arm and a leg for their food.  I even came home with a season pass for the water park. 

I will be going back for some more fun.  :) 

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