Friday, June 21, 2013

Learning Something New

I spotted a blanket that seems to be very popular right now.  Several people are working on one and I noticed that it would do something wonderful for my yarn stash, use it up.  It is sometimes called a wool eater blanket.  It is Bavarian Crochet.  I found a book, and started working on a project.  I am using acrylic yarn as my first one.  I had some in my stash and decided to learn with cheap yarn and then make another one with wool yarn. 

I have mastered the pattern and I am working on my blanket.  So far, easy, if you can treble crochet, you can do the thing.  If you can chain, then pretty much you are on your way.  Mine is going to be bright.  This is a stash busting exercise.  Hubby wants one for the bed. 
Right now, we have our afghans on the bed, his and mine.  They are comfy warm and snuggly.  The cats love the things.  I had made one for us to share and found out that two people do not fit into it at all so, I made the hubby his own.  I found that I was a afghan hog.  Yep, it is nice for one person to wrap up Native American style in the thing. 

It is official, Summer is here.  It has been freaking hot here so, we are in for a harsh summer once again.  Not a great time to work on a blanket but, what do I care, I am inside most of the day keeping cool. 

I went grocery shopping today with my sister and niece.  It was okay, when is grocery shopping ever exciting?  Never!  I came home with some blue cheese stuffed hamburger patties.  Those things are good.  I used my Cuisinart Griddler to make the burgers.  I had to buy a new one since the plates in the old one were worn out.  It costs more money to buy new plates for the thing than it is to even buy a new one.  I am serious.  So, I decided to get a new one.  It is cheaper.  I would have loved to get new plates but, when they are $45.90 each, and you need two plates.  It has 4 plates total.  The grill plates are the ones we use the most and they are completely worn out.  The new one is very interesting since it is reversible.  No longer do you need 4 plates, it only comes with 2 plates. 

Hubby was supposed to cook tonight but, I was starving and he wasn't hurrying so, I cooked.  It was nice.  He gets to cook tomorrow night.  I bought a whole chicken and he is going to rotisserie that sucker.  I have no idea what he plans to do to it but, that isn't my problem, that is his problem.  :) 

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