Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Mesh Wreath in the Works!

I started another mesh wreath and well, this one is in red, white, and blue colors for the front door.  Hubby looked at it and agreed with me that it needs some spangly crap on it.  Yep, I have to go buy some stuff to add to it to make it mine.  Fun!  I know, right? 

I have another blank wreath frame and left over fabric for the next one.  I can't decide what to do with it.  I might have to think about that one for a while. 

On the knitting front, I am actually making progress, albeit, slow progress on the Cranbourne scarf.  It is slow knitting since I am using my lace weight yarn.  It is pretty!  I have a picture of it around here, someplace. 

I hand dyed the yarn in this lovely shade of green and the variations of the color are just the way, the yarn dyed up.  I have to do 32 repeats of chart b and I am only my 3rd repeat of the pattern right now.  More to go.  I am moving slow on this one. 
We have been in tomato hell over here.  We have so many tomatoes that we are trying everything we can think of to make with them.  We have canned salsa, pasta sauce, whole tomatoes, cut up tomatoes, fresh salsa with the cherry tomatoes, etc. 
Today I had a fresh tomato on my sandwich for lunch.  It was sweet and fantastic. I have more tomatoes to use. 
Then there is that stupid game on FB, Candy Crush Saga, it is eating my brain.  Gack!  I am trying to get past level 123 and have been for days.  I almost had it today but, then one lousy jelly got me.  GRRR! 
I have been spinning my birthday fiber and it is turning out nicely.  I am still debating on the color to ply it with.  I have to dig through my fiber stash to see what would look good with it. 
Pictures of the wreath will follow when it is finished.  I found another place to order the deco mesh from.  It is called Mardigras supply or some such thing.  They are out of Louisiana, I believe Baton Rouge so, I am going to see how well they do.  My last order was from a place out of Missouri but, they were so slow in getting it here to me.  They had great prices but, two weeks to get it here, I think it must have come by dog sled or some such critter. 
Yesterday, we found out that tree frogs can swim.  Yep, the one that was on the umbrella, hopped onto the hubby's shoulder, then plopped into the pool. He even crawled out of the pool on his own and plopped into the tomato garden.  That little sucker can hop! 
I never knew they could swim.  Now, I know. 

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