Monday, May 13, 2013

Sun, Rain and Swimming

Yesterday, we dropped the top on my roadster and went to lunch.  It was a glorious day even though the weather man said rain.  Ha!  No rain.  We had rain Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which was glorious!  We needed the rain, badly.  I will never complain about it after the drought we endured and several parts of Texas is still enduring.  I put on my swim suit, and crawled into my pool for some much needed exercise, I had to work off that birthday cake. 

I looked at my knitting yesterday and well...I didn't do any.  I had other things to deal with.  We fixed the pool cleaner, it kept sucking up it's tail and we cleaned it out, had to make a run to the pool store for an o ring, some more of that pool enzyme that works so amazingly, and some o ring lube.  They had a smaller size than that giant tube of the stuff and I even managed to get a $5.00 off coupon for my next trip.  Amazing!  I have to see what I will need and go back to get it.  :)  I always need something with a pool. 

Then when I was going to turn off the pool, I noticed the psi on the filter was up...uh oh, time to change and clean out the filter.  So, we turned off the pool and Gary popped it open and we pulled the grids and put in the clean grids.  I keep an extra set in the hall closet so, we don't have any down time.  The pool needs to circulate and filter nightly.  I did notice that two of the grids are going to need serious replacing.  I went searching and found them for cheap.  I am amazed at how much they have come down in price.  I just can't order them until payday. 

I put the grids in their rubber trash can for soaking.  I put in the cartridge cleaner and oh wow, talk about gross, it loosened all the oils and dirt which is floating at the top of the can...ugh!  I am going to give them another day to soak and then clean them off with the garden hose.  Then they can dry for a couple of days in the sun and then they go into the boxes and back into the closet.  Then when the others are ready to be replaced, the whole process starts up again. 

Today was supposed to be laundry day but, I am not in the mood to turn on the washing machine.  I want to swim.  That is the only thing I want to do.  Unfortunately, since I had to add acid, that isn't going to happen until later in the day.  We have high alkaline water here and it is well established in this household that if you add water to the pool, add acid.  I buy the 50 pound bucket of dry acid for that reason, I will go through it in a season.  I only buy a 10 pound bucket of skimmer sticks for the pool.  I have had chlorine go bad and I don't go that route any more of buying the huge bucket.  My pool is small, I don't need anything major in the way of chlorine. 

I did find out that my pool is only 470 sq. ft.  It isn't big but, it works for me.  I can swim in it and still get some serious work out time in it.  It works great to cool me off on hot days and we can really pack the people into it for parties. 

It isn't cheap to maintain one but, I would miss it.  I have already told him if we ever move, he is putting in another pool for me.  I want a bigger one with the next house.  :) 

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