Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bead Sale Two Days Only!

I love beads, I have quite the collection but, once a sale comes along, I admit, I get a little out of control.  Okay here is where you get to save, if you are Crazy for Czech beads...I am, funny thing is, I am a Czech Moravian...you should have known...heh heh!  Anyway, the code you are looking for is CZECH, the place to go is Artbeads. This will get you 35% off.  Yep, and they offer free shipping.  This sale is only for 2 days but, it is worth sharing. 

For those of you who don't give a fig about beads, I have been perusing a pattern site that lets you download your patterns to your computer and they always have cheap patterns.  Even pattern books for $4.98 and these are the ones you normally would drop $20 for.  The place to go is e-patterns central.  They have it all on there. 

I love to share my findings with everyone since we all deserve to save.  Yarn has gotten expensive and I know since I do sell it, my wholesaler raises their prices and I have to raise mine so, if you can save on patterns, it helps. 

I am still working on my blanket.  I have realized, I will have to go buy more yarn.  Hubby is okay with this since he wants this blanket on our bed.  He said okay, I nearly had to reach over there and make sure he was my hubby.  Who are you and what did you do with Gary? 

Yesterday, I took the time to go swim for an hour.  It felt glorious.  I was amazed that I wasn't all that winded after an hour of swimming laps.  I was starving but, that was to be expected.  Nothing better than a sandwich with fresh tomatoes right out of the garden.  Amazing! 

I picked figs and managed to get 2 pounds in one picking so, I will be making more fig jam today.  I know, fun.  It has to get taken care of since I don't want the figs to spoil.  They are big and sweet this year.  The birds have been attacking them as well.  Grr!  They have started to leave the tomatoes alone and are out for the figs these days. 

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