Thursday, July 18, 2013

Progress on the blanket

Top photo shows the blanket as it stands right now.  I am working on the dark berry section.  I went and bought more yarn to put into it today, the new colors are in the bottom photo. 

I am still going.  I have to say, it is hard work and my hands are killing me already.  This is why I do not do that many blankets, my hands can't take it. 

I went to the store to see what else I could find and the one color I need, they didn't have, I will have to go to another store for strawberry.  My cat had her way with it and now, it is in the trash, it was beyond saving. 

She also had her way with two other skeins besides the strawberry and I managed to find those two colors today at the store, a buttery yellow and a medium blue.  That cat, she is horrible where yarn is concerned.  She loves wool yarn and it can take the abuse she gives it but, acrylic can't.  I have no idea why it can't. 

Hubby seems to think I am a quarter of the way to my goal.  Okay.  If that is the case, I am in trouble and I will be working on this thing for more than just the summer months.  I might be working on it into fall and winter.  Oh well, I guess this will be more than a good exercise in patience. 

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