Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Figs and More Figs

Today I was going to sit and work on the blanket.  Did that happen?  No!  Instead, I had to deal with the figs that were in the fridge.  I have massive amounts of figs.  So, I started the process of getting them clean and getting them into the pot for stove time.  I started my first 5 pound batch with xylitol since I can't have sugar.  I ended up with 8 pints of this mixture.  Since the figs that were in the fridge really needed to be processed, I decided to do another batch of preserves.  So, I used sugar for the next 5 pounds of figs.  I have 6 pints from that batch.  Then since I really didn't want to have to deal with them tomorrow, I decided to go ahead and process the next 5 pounds of figs with sugar.  I have 5 pints from that batch.  I still have more figs in the fridge that need to be processed but, I am tired and I really don't want to be in front of that stove any more today. 

I am not even going to go pick the things off of the tree today since the leaves are wet from the rains we have had and they are super toxic to my skin right now.  Dry fig leaves not a problem, wet ones, forget it, they had me breaking out in welts in under a minute.  It was awful. 

I even informed the hubby that I am tired and not even willing to crank that stove up again for supper.  I am not cooking.  I just want to sit and work on my blanket and not have to think about much of anything.  I also have to add wide mouth jar lids to my grocery list since I am completely out. 

What are my plans for the sugar preserves?  They are going to family and friends who want them.  I get requests each year that I have had this tree to please make fig preserves.  So, I make fig preserves during the summer.  Some people give me jars back which helps since jars are not cheap. 

How do I manage to get so many figs?  I have one Turkish fig tree and I use Algoflash flowering plant fertilizer on the thing in April.  I went ahead and used it in May and now I am dealing with copious amounts of figs.  Huge figs.  Some of them are bigger than my palm.  The tree has been only fertilized twice and that makes a huge difference in production.  I used it last year and we had a bumper crop this year is more of the same but, if you can imagine it, more than last year. 

I hate being sticky and today I was sticky from all the sugar in the figs.  They are more sugary this year than last year, I wonder if the second fertilization with the Algoflash did the trick?  I have to wonder since I know they weren't as sappy and sticky last year.  Forget it if you get the sap on your skin, it is on there for days.  I have even tried using rubbing alcohol on my hands to get the stuff off and it hasn't worked, yet. 

I wonder if I can figure out a way to bottle it and sell it as an amazingly long lasting glue. 

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