Monday, July 9, 2012

Feeling Lost Right Now

I went to pay for something on line and that is when I realized, my credit card wallet was gone.  I freaked out!  I have lost my checkbook before and managed to find it but, now this was another matter.  So, I had to call all of my credit card companies to let them know all of the cards are gone.  Thankfully, no one has decided to charge anything on the cards.  That is one good thing. 

I have no idea where I lost the card wallet.  I am just sick over it.  Completely sick.  I will no longer be using a separate card wallet for my items.  I will stick them back into the wallet where I know they will be somewhat safe. 

On the knitting front, I am working diligently on the shawl, I have two more rows on the third lace chart and then I get to move on to the 4th chart of stockinette stitch.  I look forward to some boring bits for this shawl because it means I can sit and zone out.  I just have to knit a few increases and that is it. 

So far, the shawl is looking good.  I am excited about getting it finished so, I can do another summer flies in the larger cotton/wool yarn.  I have plans for that shawl.  :) 

Yesterday Gary and I made fig preserves.  We ended up with 12 half pints of the stuff.  The next batch is for xylitol fig preserves. 

Today I checked out my fig tree to see what was ripe and I only managed to get three off of the tree.  Tomorrow should yield more ripe fruit. 

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