Friday, July 6, 2012

New Stitch Markers

Now that the holiday has passed, I sat down today to work on new stitch markers for myself.  I always manage to lose the things.  This time around, I went bigger and hopefully easier to spot in my knitting bag.  I managed to find a holder for them as well. 

On another note...I was able to sit down finally last night and do some more work on the strawberry margarita shawl.  It is looking pretty wicked.  The hubby has said he loves the color combination that I had painted.  :)  Pictures will follow later when I have a chance to get more of it done.  I love the easy simplicity of this pattern.  It doesn't require much in the way of stitches, the most difficult one being the slip2, knit 1, pass the slip stitches over or sl2k1psso.  So easy.  It is self explanatory. 

After the strawberry margarita shawl is done, I have other items on the list to complete.  One more summer flies shawl.  By the way, the recipient loved hers.  She was ready to put that bad girl on.  I am so happy she loved it.  I hope she wears it on her vacation. 

It turned out really well and it was fun to knit.  I will gladly knit another one.  I would also do another Romanesque shawl.  I have the yarn picked out for it, too.  I have so much yarn around here that it isn't a problem at all. 

Starting today, my shop has one set of stitch markers.  If they sell, great, if not, then I won't be carrying them.  They are in the shop as a trial product.  I know a lot of other shops offer them but, they sell those crappy ring ones that snag work...that pisses me off so quickly along with those cheap cables that have that tool that twists onto the needles and it always drops off in the middle of a row, this is the number one reason why I buy the Addi turbo clicks.  I am a huge fan of those needles, they are worth every penny. 

Anyway, I make the wire loopy stitch markers, easy to make, and they work the best.  It makes knitting all that much quicker to flip them and slip them as I knit along. 

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