Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ramblings by a Mad Knitter

I sat down last night and managed to knit two rows of Vlad.  I just find that I am losing patience with this project.  I want to start something else already.  I was asked to knit a throw or blanket for a family member.  ugh!  Do I really have to?  I am not one of those people who does those things.  I said no and sent her on her way to my MIL.  She will gladly do one for you.  I do not have the patience or the time for that.  You would have to peel me off of the ceiling for one of those.  Gary shook his head when I mentioned that tidbit.  He said "there is no way you could do it, you would be insane and I have to live with you."  Oh yeah, he knows me.  Quite well. 

Right now, I am trying to figure out postage to Nova Scotia for a customer.  American shipping is outrageously expensive to other countries and yet, other countries do not charge much at all to get their items to us. 

With that thought in mind...I am having a yarn sale.  Yep, if you want lace weight yarn, hit the shop, I lowered the prices to get ready for my fall paintings.  I am only carrying lace weight due to the high cost of sock yarn from the wholesaler.  I can't afford to purchase it right now since it is out of this world.  So, with this thought, I won't be carrying it until the prices come down.  I pass on my savings to my customers and honestly, charging someone $33 for 440 yards of yarn is too dear for me to deal with.  If you don't like lace weight yarn, sorry.  I am doing the best I can. 

It looks like my knitting stack is getting bigger.  I have to start the hat project as soon as I finish Vlad.  I promised and I also want to knit him a pair of mitts for the winter season.  I have the pattern I want to do and I just have to sit down and do it.  I want the hat and the mitts to match. 

Also in the planning stages, a stole pattern will be forthcoming from my needles.  I have my pattern, I just have to sit down and knit it.  I have the yarn to do it, just finding the time...that is the problem. 

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