Friday, October 4, 2013

Back to Work

Yesterday, I took a day to go shopping with my sister.  I needed a few items.  So, I went ahead and zipped over to her house and she drove.  I had my knitting bag with me just in case I had a time to sit and work on the hat.  It is slow going on this hat.  I still hate the yarn but, I can deal with it doubled.  I can't deal with it at all in the single form.  No way! 

We hit the local craft store for my items and then off to lunch.  We had to pick up my niece from school so, we went ahead and drove over to the school.  She needed to talk to one of the other parents so, she went visiting, I grabbed my knitting bag and started working on the hat.  I still haven't decided if I should make it an elf hat or a regular hat.  I guess I will figure it out. 

I also started working on the family Christmas present.  I am making it this year.  I decided we have enough crap in our lives, why not make something that will work for everyone and be beautiful as well?  So, I am working on that. 

I also noticed I have a huge amount of boxes with yarn sitting on my love seat in my family room.  They are multiplying but, they have yarn in them that will be become something truly wonderful over the next 12 months.  I have plans for that yarn and working with it, keeps me at home.  I like being home every once in a while.  I stay out of trouble if I am at home. 

The hubby had me write down my throw it together chicken tortilla soup recipe.  He asked me what my measurements for the spices were.  HUH?!  I don't measure, I guesstimate.  I don't have time to get out the measuring spoons and measure each item out.  I am an on the fly cook.  He wants to make my recipe, I guess and put it on his computer.  He was kinda freaked out by the number of spices I used on the countertop.  Oh well, that is just the way I roll. 

Yesterday, I went outside since I noticed the pool was on extra early.  Now, I know why our electric bill has been out of this world.  The pool has been running for 10 hours a day.  Holy Smoke!  So, I went ahead and readjusted the timer to 6 hours a day for the Winter season.  I run it all winter long.  Since it doesn't freeze here, there is no point in turning it off.  I let the water keep itself filtered and the dogs love it to drink out of.  Yeah, I know they shouldn't be having pool water but, who is going to stop them?  They think of it as one giant water bowl. I keep it low chlorine during the winter.  Enough to sanitize it but, not enough to over sanitize it.  Just enough to keep anything funky from growing.

I have been in jewelry making mode over here.  I have some really cute pieces and I need to make more.  I have necklaces galore and I have bracelets galore.  I haven't found a venue that will work for me right now but, I am still looking.  I want something close to home.  I don't want to have to haul myself all over the place for this. No way! 

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